August 2, 2012

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  • So this morning, everyone stirred pretty quickly because Robby was driving through the doughnut place on the way to Grannymom's house and then we were going swimming this afternoon.  They were all in the car before I even had my shower.  And I actually thought that Robby was going to leave Keaton here because the other 4 were already buckled in the car.  I had to snatch the baby out of bed and rush her to the car so she wouldn't get left.
  • Robby dropped everyone off while I saw one of my kids and then we switched cars.  Next up was a run to work for me and then to Mardels to buy a book.  My whole time in WLR it was raining and even pouring a bit.  I was working on plan B instead of swimming in my mind.  
  • As soon as I opened the door at Grannymom's house, I heard Graham say "Anderson thinks it has stopped raining."  I guess that they were watching the weather too.  After a while, we decided that it had stopped raining enough so we headed to the pool.  
  • It was perfect because the first hour or two that we were there, it was nice and cloudy (which did make the water a bit chilly to me but not at all to the kids).  The kids loved the slide, Reagan practiced swimming, we played "monkey in the middle," catch, ate lunch, had cookies for a snack, played "sharks and minnows" and even had a lollipop as we left.  The kids were great and had lots of fun.  They must have been a bit tired because there was no complaining when I said that it was time to leave.
  • The kids asked so sweetly for us to hit Sonic on the way home and since it was happy hour we stopped by.  Once home, they all sat and had their slushies and then watched a movie.  Around 4, we started some school (everyone had already completed their math and phonics at Grannymom's house).  We worked until a little after 5 and only 3 things are left for tomorrow.
  • For some reason on Thursdays when Robby is working from home, the kids are calm, school goes smoothly and I am all caught up leaving me not much to do.  He is beginning to think that is how things are always around here.  
  • The kids had baths, we took some pictures and videos of them, had supper, did laundry and then everyone picked out their clothes for the trip.  
  • As we put everyone to bed tonight, Campbell kept saying "I no want to sleep here."  After all of our packing, she thought that we were going straight to a hotel tonight.  It is kind of a let down thinking you are getting to go someplace and then not getting to.  

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