August 9. 2012

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  • Morning was fairly normal around here.  I dropped everyone off at Grannymom and Grandpa's house while I ran to the grocery store and to work.  Then Robby took my car and ran to do a bit of work of his own. 
  • Grannymom said that Keaton had a bit of tummy problems this morning and Campbell had those same troubles this afternoon a bit but all is well now and everyone seems to feel fine.  We will see in the morning though.
  • Robby picked the kids up and they all were eating cookies because Campbell had pottied in the potty!  Woo hoo. That is progress-major progress.  So Campbell is now moving in with Grannymom until she can come home wearing big girl panties.
  • Back at home, Keaton and Campbell had a nap and the rest of us did school.  I had said yesterday that Graham was going to practice putting things into baggies since that is what he was having a hard time doing the day before.  So his first task was to put coins in a little ziplock bag.  The poor child kept working and working and was really having trouble today.  The other day he wasn't even trying to do put stuff in but today he was really trying and I sure thought he was putting the money in.  Eventually he noticed that there was a hole in his bag-wonder how long he would have worked.
  • Anderson was working on his thankful journal during school.  I had made two lines for him to write on and had talked about how things needed to be neat.  When he finished, he said "I didn't need two lines, I just squished it all together."  Great, so much for that neatness talk.
  • We finished most of school and then made pudding for our after supper snack.  Next up, I worked in the kitchen with Keaton in the exersaucer.  Campbell is the self appointed teether freezer.  Keaton's teething toys that can be frozen are kept in the freezer by Campbell.  She makes sure that when the toys thaw they are put back in the freezer.  Of course she also helps Keaton "play" with these teethers-putting the rings around her wrists and even putting one down her shirt tonight.  Poor Keaton plays along and tolerates her big sister.
  • So during all of this, I got involved with my kitchen cleaning and wasn't looking when I said something to Keaton. She didn't make a noise so I turned to check on her and Keaton and her whole exersaucer were missing.  I started calling her name (knowing Campbell had something to do with this) and found Keaton in her exersaucer in my room with everyone else watching the Cake Boss (the current favorite tv show here-I will never understand my kids).
  • We then went outside to work on something for a few minutes and of course the kids followed.  We were out until around 8 and then I put everyone to bed.  And a few minutes to 10 and Campbell is still wide awake.  That girl is talking about not kissing her boyfriend, how she can't go to sleep and is making Reagan go crazy since the boys are already awake.  

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