May 31, 2015

Signing the beam!
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  • I was up first this morning becuase I knew that there was a plethera of things to accomplish...mainly emptying the dryer so I could refill the swim bags and pack the bathing suits so Robby could take the kids swimming this afternoon.  I might have had a motive behind doing this because when they went swimming, I went shopping.
  • Even though I was up early, we were still hurrying around the last few minutes.  I seem to have a bit of ADD when it comes to getting everyone out of the house.  But I think my illness is probably due to the kids continuing to get more things out, ask me more questions and not do exactly what they should!
  • We were trying to get to church early today so we could sign the beam.  The "balance beam" (as Campbell called it) will be one of the central beams in the new addition so everyone signed it.  The last time I remember doing this was with Reagan.  She was a baby and we did her footprint.  This time though everyone was able to sign their name-well, Keaton was able to write her K and D.  And Whitman stood incredibly still as I traced his hand for the beam.
  • We then went to church and Sunday school and then to Nonna's house for lunch.  Nonna made Robby's favorite lunch, pizza, and Anderson's favorite dessert, key lime pie and everyone left happy.  Well, not everyone-Whitman was happy but he didn't leave.  He stayed there and played while the rest of us left.
  • Robby took the kids swimming and things went well.  They did have one bathroom incident-probably swimming on a full stomach isn't the best of ideas.  But other than that, all was well.  I went shopping mainly to buy a bathing suit and the very first one that I tried on fit (praise Jesus!)
  • I made it back home just as showers were ending and was able to help unload and unpack from the day.  Sometimes I understand why people never leave their house, it is just so much work!
  • Church tonight was the Lord's Supper.  Campbell sat by me and she was probably better behaved than I was.  As soon as the preacher stood on the stage, Campbell whispered to me "let's go and get Whitman when he prays."  Then I did cover Campbell's mouth twice with my hand and I almost fell apart when she asked me why I didn't bring back a bow of crackers when I returned from getting my Lord's Supper.
  • After church they had a fellowship and then it was home for pajamas and bed.  The kids got into bed a bit earlier than the last few nights-they are making up for lost sleep over the last few days.  

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