August 31, 2015

Fruit Basket!!
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  • Getting back into the swing of things are always difficult on Monday mornings and today was no different.  We started off our morning a little bit slow but soon sped up.  Everyone spent quite a bit of time today filling and refilling their bowls of cereal.  This would have been fine except that bowl after bowl of cereal spilled on the floor.  At one point during the day, I probably had enough rice krispies on the floor to make Robby a batch of rice krispy treats.
  • Next week the kids have a project due along with our homeschool buddies and this has proved to be quite a project-for me!  Hopefully we can get everything finished in time-crossing my fingers.
  • We stopped school at noon and I made everyone clean up and work on our chores.  Thankfully vacuuming was already on the list for today so we were able to vacuum up all of that cereal. 
  • After we had finished picking up, we ate our spaghetti leftovers outside since Anderson had worked so hard on cleaning the kitchen floor.  While we were outside, I read a chapter of Galatians to the kids and it mentioned Abraham a few times.
  • This mentioning of Abraham really confused Anderson and he asked me again and again "who?" and "now what?"  I finally reminded him that Abraham happened in the Old Testament and Paul from the New Testament was writing this book.  Then Anderson sighed a big "oh!" and continued with "I thought it was talking about Abraham Lincoln and I couldn't figure out how Paul knew him."
  • As soon as we had finished lunch, Nonna and Pops were at the front door with a watermelon basket full of fruit.  My girls went to town on that basket and tonight it is practically empty.  Pretty much as soon as they came in, Anderson and I left out the door for a quick doctor's visit.  
  • During church last night Anderson started complaining that his ear was hurting and since he was pretty stuffy, we decided to take him to the doctor today.  I had almost changed my mind but went ahead and made the appointment and it was a good thing that I did since he ear was pretty nasty!  
  • This evening was spent taking apart our two sets of bunk beds.  Kind of makes me sad-I guess this boy and girl room is really going to happen and my people are getting too big for bunk beds (or some of them at least).  They can not be more excited and the fact that everyone is sleeping on their mattresses on the floor thrills them all to death.
  • After our supper, we loaded up for Krispy Kreme to reward the kids for their good behavior last night when we were out to eat (and to use an expiring coupon).  The doughnuts were good but we were pretty disappointed with the Krispy Kreme experience there tonight-customer service was not there at all.
  • Back at home, we brushed out teeth and then sent everyone to bed-but they are so excited up there about sleeping on just mattresses that it sounds like I have 5 kids on trampolines above my head!

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