November 1, 2015

Baptism Day for Anderson and Graham!

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  • We enjoyed the extra hour of sleep and the kids dutifully stayed in bed until their clocks struck 7 this morning.  But early, early I heard Whitman talking away to his trains as he waited in his bed for someone to come and get him.  
  • After we were all awake and ready, Robby served up breakfast and then it was time to head to church.  This was a big day-Anderson and Graham were being baptized so we had to get there early.  Anderson asked Jesus into his heart in January and Graham did a few months later and today was the day they were going to let everyone know about it.  They were a bit nervous but everything went well.
  • Lunch was at Grannymom's house and my Whitman is so busy these days that he could hardly set still.  He would climb off of the stool, look at us and tell us that he would be back in 3 minutes and then walk and see the other kids.  He ate enough that he slept well during his nap-which meant that I slept well during my Sunday nap!
  • We had a quick run to the grocery store before heading home and once home we had a bit of excitement.  Early at Grannymom's house, Campbell was running outside and fell and scraped her little knee (she was running to see and horse and carriage in Grannymom's street which you don't always see).  This had upset Campbell but she was fine at home when she was changing her clothes-until her earring got caught and came off.  
  • The poor girl somehow pulled her earring out and thankfully she noticed it.  She called me and I dropped my groceries and came running.  She only has had her ears pierced for 8 days and I was frightened that I wasn't going to be able to get that earring back in.  I worked and worked and worked on it and eventually Campbell became upset.  I used Reagan's sharp earrings to try to go through the back while I worked with the other earring going back through the front.  Goodness, I had almost given up when I finally got it in.  
  • All of this caused Campbell to be pretty exhausted this afternoon and she cuddled up with me and we slept until supper time.  After supper the kids helped pick up the house and even had a bit of kindle time after they went to bed.  Reagan had written us notes asking to let them "please, please stay up" because they were not tired.  She convinced us so they were able to play for 15 minutes before going to bed.

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