Epic Road Trip (Day 12:September 4, 2016)

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Robby’s alarm went off at 6:30 this morning and we were up soon after that.  The kids were tired this morning but they quickly dressed and soon we were loaded and driving down to breakfast.  We ate and then left our little motel and headed back down South.  Tomorrow is the half-way point in our trip but today is just as sad to me since we are now heading back towards home.  I think that we could possibly travel full time-if it wasn’t for such pesky things as money, school and work.  Now, Whitman may not exactly agree-every time he gets a bit tired, he asks to go to his house.  Occasionally, I think that he is talking about our home but other times I think he is talking about our hotel.  

In Bangor, we stopped at a huge Paul Bunyan statue and then were back in the car.  Soon after that, we pulled over for gas and a bathroom stop.  Robby bought the kids a drink to pass around and I passed out fruit loops.  Then we all anxiously awaited 10:30-time to listen to the church service. The music is blaring in this car and occasionally I will hear little voices behind me singing away.  

The weather is pretty perfect here today-warm in the sun but cool in the shade.  So far the pesky hurricane that is coming hasn’t messed us up any but it just might tomorrow but hopefully not.  We did our school work in the car this morning and the kids were not too pleased that this was a Sunday and I still made them do 3 pages of school work  They survived though and the car ride was soon peaceful.

We stopped at the L.L. Bean store to walk around a bit.  Whitman saw a nearby Ben and Jerry’s store and cried and cried “I want Ben and Jerry” so he was promised some Ben and Jerry if he rode his stroller in the store.  We walked through the main store and quickly found that is not where we wanted to be. We then walked across the street to the outlet store.  I had my heart set on a new bag-I do have a bag obsession (not a purse obsessions but a bag obsession.)  Of course the outlet has bags that have been wrongly monogrammed so I debated between a bag that said “Ms. Todd” or “EOO.”  I did end up finding a black and white striped bag.  I jumped in the long line to pay for that while Robby ventured off and came back a few minutes later with a pair of pants.

After checking out there, we walked to Whitman’s Ben and Jerry’s place and he did get himself some ice cream-that he had to share with the rest of us.  The ice cream was really good but when you share the pint of ice cream with 7 others, you just don’t get very much.  Back in the car, we passed out packages of crackers and lemonade for the kids.  Robby and I made our lunch of squirt cheese, crackers and salsa.  

In Kennybunkport, we stopped at the Seashore Trolley Museum.  We had stopped there last time we were in town and I have a picture in my bedroom of little Anderson and little Graham sitting on a trolley while wearing their jackets.  On one of the trolleys, I made sure that I took their picture again.  We walked around a few trolleys and even rode on 2 trolleys-the ride was a bit over a mile down the track.  The first trolley was open air and was cold, cold but the next trolley, was closed and I could have had myself a little nap on the way back to the station.  Back inside the museum, we kids played for a bit and then we loaded up and headed on our way.

We drove on down the road and stopped by the Bush’s compound.  The kids and Robby enjoyed climbing on the rocks some while the waves crashed around them.  It was pretty beautiful and I think that I might could live in Maine-until winter time.  We then drove back through Kennybunkport and on through Kennybunk all the way to Ogunquit.  Last time we were here, the kids swam there but this time it is just too chilly to even think about that and the crowds are just crazy this weekend.  

In York, we found a neat little restaurant/candy shop called Goldenrod.  We pulled over and at there-mostly sandwiches and Robby did have the clam chowder.  We were seated at 2 different tables which was fine (it is fine occasionally) but it made it a bit better because Robby ended up with Whitman.  He is a bit too big for a high chair and a bit too small/spoiled to sit at the table an entire meal.  After we ate, each table had 3 scoops of ice cream and the kids devoured it like they hadn’t eaten ice cream before.  

While Robby paid, we went outside to watch the machines make taffy. It is pretty hypnotizing watching all of that.  The kids were loving seeing it so Robby went in and bought some taffy for us.  While they ate the taffy outside, I ran into a gift shop.  When I came out, I heard that someone had lost a tooth.  I was hoping that Campbell was the one but nope, it was indeed Anderson.  His fake tooth has lasted a good little while but I guess he will have a dentist appointment soon after we return home.  It doesn’t really bother him being gone and you can’t really tell unless you are looking at it so all is still well and everyone still left York, Maine in good spirits.

We then had a bit of a drive (less than an hour) to Saugus, MA to spend the night.  Overall, I think that we have driven about 5 hours today but it hasn’t really felt like it.  The kids were fairly quiet on the drive to the hotel so it made it go by quickly.  We made it to our hotel town and finding our hotel and unloading was very easy tonight-maybe we are finally getting things down.  

We decided to do laundry so off Robby went with the clothes. Campbell was a bit on the tired side today but Reagan was feeling better.  She did talk in her sleep last night but we weren’t able to figure out what she said.  The kids were almost in bed by 10 so that is a good thing and everyone will need a good night’s sleep tonight.

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