September 28, 2016

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  • Bible study morning and though I might probably could have made it, Robby thought it was best that I didn't push it. He had contacted the head children's lady and she gave him the thumbs up to drop off the kiddos. Sara and Candice graciously offered to keep everyone in the afternoon too so things just worked out perfectly.
  • Robby dropped off Whitman with Nonna for the day. He probably isn't ready for a whole day at Bible study without me there. Pops, Whitman and Nonna had big day of play and really I do believe that Whitman is now convinced that he is the only Dennie kid.
  • At lunch, they brought Whitman back and we all ate soup here. Then Nonna and Pops left and Whitman and I cuddled, watched movies, colored and even played trains all day long. I know he is pretty spoiled but it was fun spoiling him a bit more today-I needed some good cuddle time with my baby.
  • The others went to Bible study and then to Rock Creek with Sara and Candice. Then my big 3 went home with Candice who also took Noah and then all of the little girls spent the day with Sara. Apparently they brushed, braided, styled and combed hair most of the day. Then my sweet girl friends carted my kids to church and dropped them off in their classes.
  • I didn't do a whole lot today-I did straighten and nap this morning and then a bit of napping and mostly playing with Whitman this afternoon but I am still feeling much better. I am a bit sore and moving a bit slow but am not in any pain. I am also chugging water as fast as I can. I hadn't eaten really anything since last Tuesday night so I am definitely making up for it today. 
  • I played trains and put Whitman to bed as Robby picked up the kids from church. They all came in talking and I can tell that they are all pretty happy to see me greeting them in the garage instead of from my bed.  
  • Robby had given them a snack on the way home and they had showers and emptied trash cans before bed. Hopefully tomorrow we will be back on a normal schedule and I will continue to improve. I might even get to leave the house!

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