Epic Road Trip (Day 23: September 15, 2016)

I didn’t sleep to well last night becuase all I could hear was these kids breathing. Anderson and Graham were sharing a bed and that probably isn’t a good idea. I promise you, Anderson was hanging off of the edge and I spent a good deal of time trying to figure out if he fell off the bed, would he smash Whitman. Graham was next to Anderson and he would occasionally sit up and look around between his coughing spells.

When Robby woke up this morning, he propped open the door to the deck so we could all hear the waves crashing on the beach. The kids didn’t take too long to wake up and soon everyone was moving around. I know that I did a better job packing this year than las year but there are always a few mistakes. Each of the kids brought 2 extra pairs of socks plus socks with each outfit. For some reason Anderson’s extra pairs are a set of Graham’s socks which are too small and a mismatched pair-one short little sock and one tall sock. We still should have been fine on socks but one of his pairs with his outfits now has a huge hole in the ankle of it. I meant to take those out of our rotation but this morning, I looked or and that is what he had on. I guess if he doesn’t mind then I don’t either.

After we loaded up the ar, we walked over to breakfast. It was a small little dinky breakfast-they did have biscuits and gravy which Robby enjoyed. I wasn’t pleased because the bagels were just plain and they didn’t have granola for the top of my yogurt but on the other hand, they did have a coffe machine that spit out some really good hot chocolate.

We were soon on the road and crossing Alligator river and the kids were working on their school work. I passed out a snack and soon we did stop for a bathroom stop. While we were there, Robby vacuumed out the car and things all seemed orderly again. So orderly that Robby said that he could go for another couple of weeks. I reminded him that we have now been to 15 states and have pretty well covered the East Coast. It would seem silly to drive through Arkansas on our way out West and not stop for at least a day or two. (Don’t worry mom, we are still coming home on Sunday.)

Actually, I am not really sure how we could live on the road full time. There would really be two main problems-the first would be school. Yes, we are getting some done each day but no spelling, science, history and many other things. I guess you could say that history is being accomplished. But yes, I would have to figure out school if we were to stay on the road full time. But the main problem with staying on the road full time would be money because we would quickly run out! Now I guess my 12 faithful blog readers could be our generous financial supporters.

Star Wars finished up and the kids had drinks and then started watching a British bakers show (Reagan’s current obsession). Last night, the kids were all cudled in the beds watching the Food Network and Robby came in from the store asking who wanted to step out on the balcony and see the Wright Brothers Monument with the beacon shining at the top. Campbell and I were the only takers. Robby commented that the could watch Food Network all the time but couldn’t see this often. Anderson shot back that we didn’t have the Food Network at home.

It was nearly 2 when we made it to Sunrise Biscuit in Chapel Hill. Everyone ordered biscuits (except the little 2 who had hot dogs.) There were sausage biscuits, pork tenderloin biscuits (not as good as Pops’ pork tenderloin said Reagan), sausage, egg and cheese biscuits (Graham couldn’t eat it all) and chicken biscuits. We were all biscuited out when we finished and couldn’t even finish the cinnamon rolls that Robby bought at Sunrise Biscuit. That did taste oddly like biscuits too though.

We ate at a nearby playground after stopping at a grocery store to go and potty. The playground was huge and the kids spent a good long time playing. Robby did some work on his computer and I laid down on the park bench and went sound to sleep. I did have a very hard time rolling off of the bench and am now decided that I never want to be homeless.

We were at the park for over an hour and the kids were hot and sweaty when we left. We turned up the air in the car, passed out drinks and turned on netflix and wifi and headed on our way. It didn’t take too long for us to arrive in Winston Salem. Robby and the boys took our stuff into the hotel and soon we were meeting Jenna.

She had picked out a fun restaurant for us, Camel City BBQ, and as soon as we all climbed out of the car, Jenna drove in. The restaurant had a game room and some toys outside. They also had little games sitting on each table. After we had eaten, I walked by towards the bathroom and found Anderson and Graham sitting at the bar playing a game. The bar was empty when I walked by the first time but when I went by the second time, the bar was filling up so I made the boys leave and take the game back to our table.
The BBQ was really good and they had hush puppies which my boys really liked. Robby had sweet potato fries along with some type of cinnamon applesauce to dip them in. Robby said he doesn’t think he likes North Carolina BBQ as much as ours but I still hold fast that it is my favorite.

After we ate, we ran by Jenna’s house. She dropped off her car and hopped in with us. She took us to her campus and showed us around Wake Forest. We saw the chapel and a neat quad area. Then she walked us over to an area with swings which the kids loved and could have stayed there forever. It was lots of fun to see Jenna and the kids didn’t want for us to drop her back off at her house.

Then it was back to the hotel. We had a bit of downtime before bed and then it was bedtime for the crew. Getting closer to home every day!

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