September 25, 2016

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  • Day 5 ... same song, same verse ... Tara is about the same with the pain coming and going.
  • Whitman joined Tara in bed first this morning, then Anderson was down soon after wanting to know the outcome of the Hogs game, followed by Campbell and Graham. We had to send Whitman upstairs to wake up Keaton.
  • The donuts had run out earlier this week and we've had plenty of poptarts so I did break out the pancakes and waffles which everyone was excited about.  Soon everyone was dressed for church ... and Tara had decided she was ready for a change of scenery.  She loaded up her pillow, blanket and pills. The kids thought she was going to church like that ... but we just dropped off her at the Brocks while the rest of us went on to church.
  • We made the rounds to see the grandparents before heading to class.  Jaymie was returning from last night's ballgame, so April and I had the 3rd-grade class to ourselves. It was pretty uneventful.  Gathered the kids and went to big church.  I went to get Whitman from class and then all were in the car headed to Nonna and Pops for Sunday lunch.  Tara had watched church on her phone from the couch and was resting when we arrived.
  • Nonna had a huge "donut" cake to celebrate Keaton's birthday.  Keaton had picked out the cake and icing.  She has been counting down her birthday for several days know and only has a few more days until her real birthday.
  • After lunch, Graham worked on a new Lego movie with Jason, Andreson watched some tv and the girls and Whitman played.
  • We got a text from Candice saying they were getting close to Little Rock and we could pick up Reagan.  So we loaded up and dropped off Tara, Anderson and Graham while me, Campbell, Keaton and Whitman headed to make a quick grocery store run before picking up Reagan.
  • Reagan had a blast and said she could get used to the RV-life.  They had a full day at Silver Dollar City and their RV was parked right next to the campground playground - pretty grand weekend for her. 
  • We got home and everyone pitched in on getting the laundry done before supper.  We all dug into some chicken spaghetti that had been thawing this week.
  • Kids had not seen the Angry Bird movie so they settled in for it and then enjoyed a couple of bags of popcorn, a bit of cream and lemonade.  I've decided that's the best way to keep everyone happy ... maybe not the smartest thing but right now happy is important.
  • After the movie, everyone picked up and headed to bed.

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