Epic Road Trip (Day 14: September 6, 2016)

Robby was up at 6 this morning getting ready and the rest of us were not too far behind.  We had loaded up the car and the kids were climbing inside when we finally started trying to wake Whitman up.  We thought he might wake up on his own with all of us moving and talking this morning but he was sound asleep-we probably could have just picked him up after breakfast.  

We drove down to the breakfast area and we all ate quickly and then jumped into the car.  A tropical storm warning will not deter us and we were off early in the morning. The kids did their school work for a little bit.  I have rearranged a few things in the front seat so they weren’t able to move up to sit near me when they were stuck.  Good thing I brought my dry erase board so I was able explain math from afar. We drove into Rhode Island while listening to a description of the Vanderbilt mansion, the Breakers.

The weather was cloudy but nice until we made it to Newport.  The wind picked up and the rain started but again that doesn’t deter us.  We jumped out of the car despite the cold blowing rain and walked towards the ocean.  We were able to see the waves crashing on the ocean.  Then we did a bit of the famed Cliff Walk-about 20 feet of it!  We were soaking wet but we walked on the Cliff Walk.  Then we drove around the mansions for a bit and hopped out a few times.

And what is a stop in Newport without a stop at Newport Creamery.  Robby ran in while we stayed in the car and he came back with half a gallon of chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream. It took about 20 minutes for it to thaw enough for me to scoop it into bowls. I probably should add an ice cream scoop to my packing list because a Wendy's frosty spoon sure didn’t do a good job at scooping ice cream.  

Everyone liked the ice cream but Keaton.  I am not sure why she didn’t like it-possibly she is not a true Dennie. I cooped hers out first and about 20 minutes after that was I finally able to scoop enough for Reagan to have her bowl.  Robby and I finished most of what was left-we were all cold, wet and sticky but our tummys were full and we were happy.

We passed the next few minutes in the car while watching an Australian kid show and a British baking show. In New Haven, we stopped at Pepe’s pizza for Robby to pick up a pizza.  We didn’t really have much time so Robby got the pizza to go and I passed out pizza while we rolled on down the road.  I guess I should add a pizza cutter to my packing list because it would have come in handy at lunch time.

We saw a big blue and yellow building and my heart beat a bit faster-it was indeed an Ikea.  We pulled over and sat in their parking lot to eat our pizza and then we went inside Ikea for a few minutes.  Keaton and Campbell have been dying to go in one of those kiddie areas and they are always too full.  This Ikea, however, was crazy empty so they went in and Graham was just short enough to go in too.  He was thrilled about this and I was happy as well so he could watch over his little sisters. They were the only ones in their playing so they had the room to themselves.

Reagan, Anderson, Whitman walked around the store with us.  Since the store was so empty, I could have found lots of things to buy but since there is no more room in this van (like possibly we should ship a box home) I didn’t buy anything at all...except for 2 packages of cinnamon rolls.  

Just about 10 minutes down the road was the Pex candy factory.  It was basically a gift shop that you had to pay to go inside of!  We all enjoyed it though-for each admission you bought you received 2 dollars off in the gift shop.  This allowed each kiddo to pick out their own pez dispenser.  Now, they didn’t know this and were beyond excited to learn that they could pick one to buy and it wouldn’t even come out of their money. They also had a bingo sheet that we filled out and each one of those (8) got to spin to see which free pez dispenser you could get.  The lady even gave us another one so we left that place with 15 pez dispensers-the kids were in pez heaven in the car.

Then it was on to NYC.  The sky started to clear a bit and things were beginning to brighten up.  The drive in to NYC is relaxing and without any traffic at all...kidding.  It was pure craziness.  We had expected it to be such and it greatly met or even exceeded our expectations.  It took Robby’s phone and GPS to find the building and once we found it, I jumped out to check and Robby circled the block.    

The folks here were very helpful getting us out of the car (and for a good sized tip, I would be too.)  We rode the elevator up to the 25th floor and Robby’s cousin David was here to greet us.  Our bags arrived soon and the kids pulled out their ipads and started playing.  Robby was busy stowing the car away down the block-we won’t need it until we leave the city.

The apartment is pretty amazing-Bloomingdale’s is directely below. We can see Central Park and lots of other sites from the balcony.  When Robby made it back, we walked just around the block to Patsy’s Pizzeria for supper.  It was wonderful-the ravioli was delicious along with the pizza.  Then we walked to Bloomingdale’s into Magnolia Bakery for some of the best banana pudding this side of the Mississippi.  Some of the kids picked brownies and others picked cupcakes.  

We walked back to the apartment and sat on the 5th floor outside eating our cupcakes. The kids walked around some and looked over the edge at the passing cars.It was pretty perfect outside. After we finished, we came upstairs and the kids put on their pjs and headed to bed. Tomorrow the plan is to explore Central Park and Grannymom and Grandpa also arrive-big day.

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