September 27, 2016-Happy 5th Birthday Keaton!!

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  • Day 7! It's me! (Tara) I'm back! Please rise and join me in the singing of Praise God from Whom All Blessings Flow. Hymn 375 in the Baptist Hymnal. Seriously, I wasn't joking around-get off of that couch! No, we are very blessed around here and are definitely praising God.
  • I will start with the kids and then move on to mine and Robby's day. Our birthday girl Keaton woke up at Nonna and Pops house this morning and was delighted to see a birthday sign for her. I believe that they even had a special birthday treat to begin her celebration.
  • Keaton and Whitman went on to school. Whitman again did fine at school so that was much to our relief that this craziness at home isn't affecting him. Keaton was snack helper at school today and brought cupcakes for her birthday, she was serenaded by her class and all of her classmates even made her a special birthday book with pictures that they drew. 
  • Meanwhile, the others started waking up Grannymom's house. Campbell and Graham were the first to wake up and Anderson and Reagan slept a bit longer. After breakfast, Grannymom started everyone on school and hopefully that was finished without too much drama.
  • Their afternoons were all spent playing.  Keaton and Whitman played outside with the Roys and the others played game after game of kickball. Around 5, Robby headed to pick everyone up and take them out for a special birthday treat for Keaton. We don't do a whole lot on birthday days-doughnuts or candles-but he felt like she needed a bit extra since this has been a crazy past few days. She will have a party but Reagan's party will come first, followed by a re-do of Robby's birthday and I need to be healed up before we schedule all of that.
  • Once at home, the kids had supper and then it was partay time for the little birthday girl. Robby bought cupcakes so we celebrated and then there was even a Redbox movie.  It was late but everyone climbed in to their beds full, entertained and happy to have a momma that feels much better (and was actually awake to tell them good night.)
  • Now my day: My morning started at 3 when I woke up needing another pill. I had been making it until 5 each morning but not this morning. Usually by the time I take a pill and lay down, I am already feeling better. Not today-I had a shower then to help which did while I was in it but you can't really sleep in the shower. And I am know that after a week of surprise bills not even including our new medical bills, Robby is probably not looking forward to my water bill for this month-I have spent hours in the shower this last week, at least 2 hours a day.
  • I did a bit of moaning and groaning and tossing and turning but by 6 when Robby got up, I was already dressed and ready (yep, I had had another shower). He asked if I was nervous and the answer was not really. I would change that answer later in the day when I heard words like-breathing tube (that just sounds scary), EKG (I passed but needed one on file), stent (no worries, it isn't hanging out-is that too much information-Robby will censor me if it is) and pee the color of red kool-aid (so very odd but not a problem.)
  • We arrived after 7 and were promptly checked in. Then we sat in the waiting room for a very long time-I was very aware of this because I was in pain! I didn't think I should take another pill since it wasn't really even time for me to have a second much less a third. Eventually, they took me back-I changed, they started an iv, did blood work and more checking in.
  • After that we waited some more until Dana arrived and she distracted us for a very long time. So glad she was there or we would have possibly gone mad just waiting-she helped get some details and get me some pain meds. Shannon came too and helped entertain us for a bit. 
  • We met my doctor and she showed us my CT scan which was neat to see-would have been neat to get a copy for the kids, if I could have remembered every organ that she pointed out to us. Then she pointed out that blasted kidney stone on the CT scan and said we would get started and that we did. I pulled out my contacts, the lady gave me some meds and I vaguely remember agreeing for Robby to take my picture (which I don't remember him taking.) 
  • I then remember scooting over to the hard table in another room and then the nurse taking off my oxygen and showing me my kidney stone. I looked at it but had to ask later to see it because I was still pretty groggy. She then asked if I wanted water, cranberry juice or sprite. I don't recall answering but I am sure she saw my broad smile after she mentioned something other than water or cranberry juice. A few minutes later, Robby was in the room and I was holding my drink can. I was groggy but not in pain-the best feeling ever.  The nurse showed me my kidney stone and later during super as I described every graphic detail I could think of to the kids, I said that it was about 1/4th of the size of a raisin. Tonight though Robby said it was more like 1/8th of a raisin and then he suggested that it was maybe the size of a big booger. Either way, booger or raisin, it looked bigger than 5mm to me.
  • It seemed like just minutes afterwards, I was shoved in the bathroom with Robby who was passing me my clothes as I went to the restroom. The wheelchair was waiting outside and then he went to get the car. After he picked me up, we stopped on the way home for my meds (stool softener, anti nausea, antibiotic, anti bladder spasm and a pain pill) I know that Robby spent a bunch on these pills since we needed to have them but Hallelujah I have only taken the 2 I have needed (#1 and #3). 
  • Once at home, I rested and Shannon came over with supper and soon Robby was off to pick up the little ones from the Grandma Team. Let's just stop for a moment here, other than the babies and Robby's little heart surprise check up last year, we have never really been sick before. Words can not express how grateful we are to have such a village. Not only have both sets of our parents have dropped everything for us for the last week, but so many other people have helped us as well. Dana and Shannon coming to the hospital, Stephanie and Shannon bringing meals, Ms. Jennifer and Ms. Stacy making the kids days at school easier and a bit more special, Jason checking on us and being our delivery boy, Candice and Sara hauling my kids around for 2 Wednesdays (tomorrow too), Candice taking Reagan to Branson for the weekend, countless meaningful offers to do anything to help and most importantly all of those prayers that were sent my way (seriously, I felt them-though I believe that ya'll slacked off a little last night but I'll forgive you if you send up a couple more for us over the next few days.) Thank you so much!
  • I am still doing pretty good and have no pain which makes me happy, happy.  I am still a pretty weak but that could easily happen when you do not eat for almost a week. I have a follow up in 2 weeks so hopefully all will still be well but I do know that I am pretty exhausted tonight-but I am sure that Robby, who has been Mom and Dad for the last week, is even more tired than I am.

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