September 20, 2016

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  • The morning didn't start off as I had wished it would. I heard Robby saying "I'm coming" as he headed down the hall way this morning. I was crossing my fingers that he just needed to help someone in the bathroom but he didn't come back for a while, so I headed up there. And yep, my little Kea was sick.
  • That child gets the tummy bug more than anyone else. It was almost 5:30 when we got her downstairs and that little baby was sick just about every 10-15 minutes until 7. This was the worst she had ever had it. At one point, as we sat there she laid her head down on her bag and said "I am just so tired but I got to do it (throw up)." 
  • She was so sick that she just couldn't go back to sleep. I did once sneak off to the kitchen at one point and faintly heard "momma" and went running. After helping her, she looked at me with her wet brown eyes and said "where were you?" Needless to say, I didn't leave the baby until I was absolutely sure that she was sound asleep. And sleep she did. She slept until after 9 and woke up asking for a pop tart.
  • I didn't get her a pop tart but Anderson quickly made her cheese and crackers. From that point on, Keaton never slowed down for the rest of the day. She ate everything that she could get her hands on even though I tried to limit her a bit since I didn't want her to get sick again. 
  • Since Keaton was sick, Whitman went to school by himself today. Robby dropped him off and said that he did walk right on in his class. Grannymom was the one who picked him up and said that he had a good day. I do know that he stayed dry all day and later told me that he colored a picture of his family.
  • We worked on school today and things went pretty okay. When it was time for lunch, the kids noticed the neighbors out and I did let them go outside. Soon though the neighbors had to go in so my people came in for lunch. The boys still had school to work on but against my better judgement when the neighbors came out again, I let the boys go back out. 
  • They all ended up playing most of the afternoon but when it was nearing 4 and my boys had to finish their school, they were not happy with me at all. At one point, Anderson even said "I have been doing school all day long."-yep, for about 3 hours this morning and about 30 minutes this afternoon. All day!
  • School was finally finished and the house was straight by the time that Robby and Whitman came home. Whitman had spent the afternoon at Grannymom's house. He was pretty fussy when Robby picked him up but was soon fast asleep in the freezer section at Kroger. 
  • The Wilsons came over for supper to celebrate Shannon's belated birthday-though we didn't get a candle out! We might just have to celebrate again with a candle. Robby had BBQ and ice cream so we were all full by the time that the evening was over.
  • They stayed and helped us plan our next trip. When they left, we picked up, did showers and then bedtime for everyone. Tomorrow is our first day of Bible study this year so the kids are all very excited and will be up early tomorrow-at least I hope so!

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