Epic Road Trip (Day 17: September 9, 2016)

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At some point during the night, Whitman joined us in bed and again since the bed is huge, I never noticed him until we were getting up. Campbell was surprised that the tooth fairy left her two dollars-I guess the tooth fairy didn’t have a 5 dollar bill-kind of a cheap for NYC but 2 dollars is still extravagant for our Little Rock fairy.

After Robby and I were dressed this morning, we walked to Ess a Bagel. We couldn’t convince the kids to get a bagel even though they have been loving them lately at our hotels. That was fine with us-after waiting in the line, I ordered a toasted cinnamon raisin bagel with strawberry cream cheese and somehow ended up with 2. Robby ordered himself an egg, cheese and sausage bagel. Then just to show the kids what they were missing, we ordered them an oreo cream cheese bagel.

Back near the apartment was a McDonalds so we picked up breakfast for all of the non-bagel eaters. Then back upstairs to divy up the breakfasts. Everyone did agree that the oreo bagel was pretty good and my bagel was delicious but if you put enough cream cheese on anything then it sure is good.

We didn’t leave until after 10 and the day seemed to go by pretty quickly.  We hopped on the subway nearby the apartment and headed downtown to see the 9/11 memorial. The kids have heard about it and Robby told them more information today as he tried to explain it all.  Now I will have to find a kid appropriate documentary about 9/11 when we get home.  

It was the warmest day yet and we were pretty hot on our walk back down towards Castle Clinton.  Before we got there, the kids spotted a playground and Grandpa spotted a bench.  Robby didn’t spot a drink place but he went to find one.  We had time to play and cool off while he was gone and when he returned he came back with snow cones for all and lots of water for us. He had also spotted a parade-it was the NYPD Emerald Society Pipes and Drum 9/11 memorial parade. There were lots of bagpipes and we watched them pass by as the kids finished off their snow cones.

Then we walked towards Castle Clinton in Battery Park. We walked around the monument and I passed out a little snack there.  The boys were watching a street performer but Reagan had her eye on a man drawing charictures.  We watched him for a while and then she decided to spend her money on that.  The drawing was 5 but he did convince us to spend 5 more for a mat and bag which was very much needed.  She sat so still while the man drew her and Robby and I just grinned and talked about the drawing. He saw her soccer shirt and made her a soccer player standing in front of the New York skyline. My baby was so proud of her picture and I must admit that it is pretty cute.

After we bought that picture, we headed over to Wall Street to take a quick picture by the bull. I can always tell when we are some place touristy because of the plethora of double decker busses driving past. From there we were just a short walk to the subway-Robby will know his way around this place just about the time that we have to leave and man, the kids are like New Yorkers already. They don’t even wait on the little walky man sign, they just dart out in traffic the same time as the rest of the people on the street. It is sure a lot to take in walking up and down these city streets.

Before we walked to the apartment, we stopped back by Magnoila Bakery to pick up some dessert.  We came back and ate our dessert up. Robby just bought the kids things to share and also bought the grown ups some banana pudding to share. I didn’t move fast enough and only got a bit of my share of the pudding but there is still tomorrow!

We hung out upstairs for a bit and the kids watched some more of their movie and then we all took a little stroll back down to Central Park. It is a few blocks away and then we walked a bit in the park-Robby and Grannymom figured that our little stroll was at least a mile and a half. The kids and I stopped at the playground (the same one as before) and they enjoyed playing on it while Robby and Grannymom walked a bit further to see a few more things. We didn’t have too long to play because we had to come back and get ready for our show.

Reagan, Anderson and Graham went with us to a Broadway show tonight. Obviously, Whitman couldn’t have gone but Keaton would had done great. Robby couldn’t buy 7 tickets at once so we asked if she wanted to go-otherwise we would have had to split up. She wanted to just stay with Grannymom too and Campbell would have none of that and she wanted to stay with Grannymom as well. I tried my best to change her mind but couldn’t convince her otherwise. I would bet that if we gave the boys a choice, they probably would have opted to stay back at the apartment too but we didn’t give them a choice.

We subwayed over to the theater and quickly found our seats of Holiday Inn. It was the cutest little show and everyone loved it. After it was over, Reagan was tap dancing in the street on the walk back to the apartment. Back here, the littles had all eaten, had baths and watched some of a movie.

When we came back, Whitman was exhausted-he missed his nap today and didn’t go to bed until after 12 last night-so he was quickly put to bed. Campbell and Keaton helped us eat our McDonalds supper that we had bought on the way home and then everyone went straight to bed. It had been another great New York City day.

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