Epic Road Trip (Day 25: September 17, 2016)

Robby and I spent a good deal of our sleeping time last night looking for his camera chip. It had been right on the bed before we started folding our laundry but somehow when he went to look for it, it was gone. He has others and the pictures are all on the computer but it was one of his newer fancy ones. We looked in the sheets, we looked in the now folded and put away laundry, we looked under kids, we looked everywhere we could possibly think of it but that thing has disappeared. We finally gave up and went on to bed.

We went to breakfast this morning and it was very crowded-. I did see ‘hash’ for the first time and I don’t think that it is something that I will ever want to try. After breakfast, we loaded up and headed to Kennessaw Mountain National Battlefield. When we drove up, they were taking down flags from their September 11th memorial. They had over 3,000 flags on a field.  

The movie was 38 minutes and we missed most of it (darn!) but did sneak in to see the last half. It was a pretty gory movie but I guess war is also pretty gory. The boys, of course, enjoyed every minute of it. After the movie, we walked through their visitor’s center and then hopped on the bus to ride fo the top of the mountain.

The hike was just a mile but I think that when Robby was securing our tickets (free thanks to our National Parks pass) that he didn’t actually realize that the hike was straight up a hill. I have never been so thankful for a bus ride-Kennessaw Mountain must be this area’s pinnacle mountain because the road and the traisl were completely full of people climbing up. Even after we made it to the top of the mountain on the bus, we still had a bit of a climb. It was a pretty view and we could see the hazy outline of Atlanta.

After we came down from the hill and climbed in the car, we headed on our way. Our next stop was in Atlanta at The Varsity. It had been almost a year since we were there last so we thought it would be a great lunch. Before we made it there, we did briefly get trapped in the Georgia Tech game traffic. We were a bit concerned about how crowded the restaurant would be but it was the emptiest today that we have ever seen it.

We had hamburgers, hot dogs, a chocolate shake, an orange shake and a fried apple pie (mine!) The boys happily could have set there all day long because the tv was on. After we ate, we headed to the World of Coke. This morning we had learned about the College Football Hall of Fame which is right near the World of Coke. We did promise that boys that the next drive through Atlanta we had, we would stop there. There just isn’t enough time in the day or maybe I should say there isn’t enough time in the 26 day road trip to do everything.

We found close parking and were soon walking into the World of Coke. The kids could not have been any more excited about this little outing. We watched the little movie, walked through the vault and had our picture made with the Coca Cola bear. We were here last 2009 and the picture of our littles with that bear is in our bedroom now so the big 3 “remembered” coming to the World of Coke before.

Once we made it upstairs, we watched 4D movie. Whitman was scared to death-he started out sitting in his chair watching the movie but within seconds, he was in my lap. He was doing his best to hold on his 3D glasses or maybe he was trying to cover his ears. He was dodging all of the things that seemed to be coming towards us and the moving seats didn’t really help at all either. Poor baby was pretty close to terrified and when the movie was over, I asked if he wanted to do it again and he was adamant that he did not. He did tell me that he just liked “our movies.” Now all of my other people loved the movie and would have done it again in a heartbeat.

We walked through a few more galleries and then it was on to the much anticipated Tasting Room. I believe that there were over a hundred samples and I am pretty sure that Graham had seconds on each of those. It was a wonder we even made it to the hotel tonight without having to stop a dozen times. After we had our fill, we walked through the gift shop-Robby used to collect Coke stuff and we still have much of it in the attic. Now, I don’t really have a spot for any of that in the house but I sure do think that stuff is cute. But if you are a faithful blog reader, you will know how much I really do love gift shops. I hate to shop at home and the only money spent on the trip in gift shops is on Christmas ornaments. I could walk through gift shops all day long and don’t tell Robby but I secretly want to buy all of that stuff.

We didn’t buy anything at the Coke store but did have ourselves a good snack in the car. I gave the kids a cup full of things trying to finish them off and Robby and I finished off the last of the our cider mustard from Vermont. Surprisingly, we only had to stop twice on the way to the hotel for potty stops-seriously, they drank a lot of coke but I guess our bladders are strong.

We picked up a pizza on the way to the hotel and were settled by the end of the first quarter. The pizza was good-especially the cinnamon pizza that Robby bought. Kids had showers off and on during the game and it was a pretty relaxing last evening in a hotel for the Dennie crew.

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