September 26, 2016

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  • Day 6 ... we have a plan.  It did take a few tears I think to get there but we have a plan. Tara was calling her doctor right at 7:30 to see when we might hear from the urology clinic.  
  • We did have to do a little scrambling because everyone was sleeping well upstairs but I did get off in time to take Whitman to Nonna and Pops and drop Keaton off at school.
  • I went into work and Tara did have the big kids school laid out for them to work on this morning.
  • I got a text from Tara mid-morning. Her doctor's office had called back and said they had an appointment for her to see a urologist on Thursday. (Wrong answer!)  Tara admitted to shedding a few tears on the phone and the nurse quick said, "I don't think that sounds like it's going to work." Tara quickly agreed and the nurse promised to see what she could do.  Within the hour, the nurse had called back and they had managed to get her an appointment at 1:45. (There was some confusion over whether we were self pay vs. insurance.  Does that make a difference when trying to get an appointment?  Not sure but we do have insurance so who knows.)
  • I finished up my work (not sure if my work people think I will ever work a normal day since it's been crazy since we've gotten back from vacation).  But I got home to find Reagan and Graham out playing with the neighbor kids. Anderson and Campbell were still trying to finish up school.
  • Neighbor kids had to leave soon though and I fixed some lunch and then it was time for us to load up.  Nonna had picked up Keaton from school and we took the big 4 to Grannymom and Grandpa's and went on to the clinic.
  • Paperwork, x-ray and waiting to see the doctor occupied us for an hour and half.  The doctor made his way - said the kidney stone had been trying to work its work out but wasn't sure if she would be able to pass it on her own.  He said we could wait it out (up to 30 days) or Tara could have outpatient surgery. Tara said I might have answered a little too quickly but I did say we would vote for the surgery vs. waiting 30 more days.  For Tara's sanity sake (or maybe mine), we both felt surgery was the best option.
  • Dr. Langford was leaving town tomorrow but said was his partners could do the surgery tomorrow, so we met with the scheduler and got a slot at 7:15 tomorrow morning.  
  • Meanwhile, we went to pick up the big kids who were just about to begin a kickball game with Cash and Grannymom. We let them finish while sampling some of Grannymom's cookies before heading to pick up Whitman and Keaton. 
  • We got home and Tara was back in pain and headed to bed and the rest of did a few chores but also had a bit of down time.  Heated up some supper and then it was time to head back out. Keaton and Whitman are spending the night with Nonna and Pops and Reagan, Anderson, Graham and Campbell are spending the night at Grannymom and Grandpa's.
  • Maybe tomorrow Tara will be blogging :)

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