Epic Road Trip (Day 13: September 5, 2016)

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At 4 this morning, I heard Whitman whining some as he walked around the room.  I could tell that he was trying his best not to step on anyone else but he was getting to me as fast as he could.  I pulled him in bed between us and he slept soundly for the rest of the night.  Me, not so much.  I woke up once and Whitman’s head was up against me and his legs were on Robby.  Right at 7, I heard Graham get up and changed his clothes. That crazy boy-I guess he was excited about seeing Boston today or maybe he was just ready to play his ipad this morning.

We all went down for breakfast and had some delicious Holiday Inn Express cinnamon rolls.  Whitman is getting into the breakfast routine-strawberry yogurt, banana, orange juice and fruit loops. When Robby and the boys were finished, they ran back upstairs to load everything up and then we all went to the car.  

We only had about an hour from hotel to hotel today so within 15 minutes we were in downtown Boston.  We found a great spot right next to Boston Common and since it was a holiday we didn’t have to worry about the meter.  We first saw the duck statues from the book Make Way for Ducklings.  Then the kids tried to pet a duck (pretty impossibly).  When we walked by the swan boats, Robby debated riding on one and I did convince him that it was a must do since we hadn’t done this before.  We didn’t really have to wait and soon we were on the little pond floating around in a swan boat.  The highlight of my day was buying an ornament after we left there-it is a swan boat wooden craft that you make and then we will use it as our Christmas ornament.  Can not wait! I did have to tell Robby that ornament would be my last one to buy on the trip (but I had my fingers crossed.)

I ran back to the car to put up my nice new ornament while Robby and the kids walked on.  They found a playground and everyone played there for a bit before we headed on.  

Right nearby was the beginning of the Freedom Trail.  We walked that entire thing today!  We stopped at Paul Revere’s house, his grave, Old North Church, Faneuil Hall, Quincy Market and Old South Meeting House. The weather was perfect-pretty windy so we often needed a jacket but the sun was out and would warm us. We did hit up 7-11 a few times for an icee to share.  

At one point, we started to notice lots of people walking around carring boxes that said “Mike’s Pastry.”  We do know enough that when you see tons of locals eating food then we want to eat it too.  We were just a block or two from Mikes and went right in. We ate a chocolate chip cannoli, an oreo cannoli, a whoopie pie and chocolate chip cheesecake.  It was delicious and we all enjoyed our break.

I don’t think that we have walked the entire Freedom Trail in a long time and I was quite surpirsed that we were able to do it today with everyone.  The kids never got tired and before we knew it, we were crossing over to Charleston and climbing up the hill to Bunker Hill. I am not sure what I was thinking when I volunteered to go with the big 3 to the top of the Bunker Hill monument. I guess that I don’t really know how many steps 294 steps really is.  I wasn’t too sure that I was going to be able to make it to the top but my legs were so wobbly going down that I thought I was going to need medical assistance (not really but I was sore for the rest of the afternoon.)

We then walked over to the USS Constitution.  We walked around the boat and then caught the water taxi over to Long Wharf near the aquarium.  The water was really choppy today so that made the kids love it even more. Whitman didn’t look scared but he did start with his wanting to go home bit. It was a pretty little ride and once we docked there, we took the metro back towards our car.  We had to change trains and this was really the big kids first time to ride a subway that they can remember.  My Graham was so nervous (is this our stop? Did everyone get on? Why did we stop? And on and on it went) We tried to explain everything to them so it wouldn’t be as strange-but honestly, the subway is loud, dirty, smelly, and old.  Later when we were back in the car, Graham said that was his favorite part though.  

After we left the trains, we stopped and bought some food at 7-11 and the others of us picked up some food at McDonalds.  We ate by the wading pool in Boston Common and even though it was windy, it was pretty perfect. We were right near the car and headed towards our hotel which was just about 45 minutes away.  We had really just left Boston when it started raining pretty good on us-we had been afraid that it was going to start raining earlier in the day but couldn’t have asked for better weather today.  

I am not sure about you guys, but when we see a sign warning about a tropical storm, we head to the Atlantic ocean to take a few pictures of the Plymouth rock and the Mayflower.  It was crazy windy and wet.  I had already put up the jackets so we didn’t get them out.  There was lots of squealing and screaming and a brief moment that we thought Robby had locked the keys in the car.  He had not but it did add some excitement to our windy adventure.  

Just a few miles away was our motel for the night.  We are in the same building as the laundry and that is pretty perfect and we are on the first floor-whoop, whoop!  It is the simple things in life. Once we came in, the kids started on their showers and Robby went to do laundry. After things were settled in the room, I headed out to work in the car some. Once we park tomorrow, we probably won’t be able to get back to the car so I will need to take in everything that I need-so tonight I tried to get all of that organized (at least in my mind.)

The wind was blowing but I had checked that there were no trees close enough to fall on the car, it was getting dark outside and the rain was pattering on the car roof. I was working quietly and quickly until someone opened the car door. I turned and knew immediately that it was Robby but I also immediately let out a scream! After I finished my car work, I came back inside.

Everyone had finished showering so we opened up some dip and chips.  After a bit Robby passed out a drink before bed and everyone laid down pretty early tonight-tomorrow is a very early morning (at least we hope!)

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