September 29, 2016

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  • Our one goal when we woke up this morning was to get Keaton and Whitman off to school. Robby brought them downstairs and I helped get them ready for school. They are quite the team and soon were eating their breakfast in the kitchen. Minutes later, we were loading them into the car-Keaton was excited about taking her telephone and toothpaste box (starts with T) to school for show and tell and today was Whitman's snack day.
  • Meanwhile, back at the house everyone else started on their school work. We did everything except our memory work, history and science. Robby worked from home this morning. Surely the kids have noticed over the past few days the good mood in this house-I am giddy that I am getting better and Robby is greatly relieved about that as well. 
  • The kids did take their sweet time during school but I had finished with my part by 11. Robby went to pick up the littles and offered to take the others with him. They all went and even came home with icees to share. He divvied them out while I made lunches for everyone.
  • The kids worked some more on their school work when I walked by and noticed Graham and Whitman on the couch. My Whitman was exhausted from his school and Graham was already finished so they had cuddled up and worked on a minecraft house for Whitman for the longest time-cutest thing ever.
  • Soon the neighbors were outside and my house emptied quickly. They wanted to come inside but today was too beautiful for that. Now, I do know that I just said that day was beautiful and it was, a beautiful day for taking a nap! I tried my hardest to get Whitman to lay with me but could not get him to cooperate.
  • Robby mowed for a bit and was out until around 6. The kids eventually came in (when the neighbors had to go home) and we showered, did a few chores and then ate our supper. The neighbor family had actually brought the meal down for us the other day after my surgery. We gobbled it up.
  • The kids had picked up a redbox movie and it was a bluray so we all had to watch it upstairs. We all squeezed on the couch and watched Pan. It was pretty good-terrified Whitman but entertaining enough for Robby and me. 
  • After the movie, it was bedtime for the kids and time for me to drink a bit more water before bed (I now have a personal daily quota!) 

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