September 23, 2016

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  • Well, this is Robby blogging again so you know what that means ... yes, Tara is still not feeling well. Another long night for her in pain and nausea  With the weekend coming, Tara wanted to see if there was anything they could do.  She was on the phone right at 7:30 leaving a message for the nurse.  
  • The nurse called back at 8:30. They said they could change her meds to something stronger and maybe wouldn't cause the nausea. She said they would call in for a referral for a CT scan and we would hear back.  
  • They did call back just as I was loading the kids in the car to drop off Reagan for her Branson trip and the other kids at Nonna's.  They said we could come to Baptist immediately for a CT scan so Tara joined us in the car and off we went.  We dropped everyone off but Reagan, had my mom meet us at Dunkin Donuts to get Reagan so she could get her to Candice and made our way to admissions. We were prepared to wait but Tara was checked in and scan completed in less than 30 minutes.  They sent us home and said the doctor would call when he read the results. We did have a few minutes to stop by and see Tara's grandmother who had a heart attack on Wednesday. They suggested inserting a pacemaker but BeeBee decided she didn't want to do that so she was in the processing of getting discharged.
  • Stopped by Walmart because Tara was craving applesauce and hasn't really eaten in 3 days. We actually got there at the same time as Candice was picking up Reagan and off they went in the big RV.
  • The new meds kicked in quickly and Tara slept from 12:00 until 3:15  Meanwhile, the other kids had been picked up by mom and were having a grand time at the zoo.  Sounds like they covered lots of ground and had plenty of time at the playgrounds as well.
  • We waited for the doctor and finally heard from his office around 4:30.  The CT scan did confirm the kidney stone ... it's on her left side and is 5mm is size.  According to our Google searches, that's a bit above average size and has about a 20% chance of passing on its own (A bit discouraging.)  But also discouraging was the fact that the doctor said it would be Monday OR Tuesday when someone from urology would call.  That's probably typical time but Tara wanted to do something about it today.  But she took another pill and ...
  • Mom and Dad brought the kids home around 5:15 and they told us all about their morning at Nonna's and their afternoon at the zoo.
  • Soon after Mom and Dad left, the Brocks and Jason came with spaghetti for supper.  The Wilsons said the boys could join them at the Robinson High football game so I took them out to Robinson to meet the Wilsons while the rest of the crew chowed down on supper.  I made it back to eat and then the rest of us had a bit of ice cream.
  • The Brocks and Jason left, the little 3 had showers and they and Tara all went to bed. I'm now waiting on the boys to get home. I'm sure they will have lots of football stories ... or some kind of stories to tell.

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