September 21, 2016

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  • Well, first thing to say, is I am thankful for family and friends who fill the gaps.  This was not a day we had planned.  This is Robby typing because Tara is under the weather quite severely. She apparently has a classic case of kidney stones according to the doctor.
  • I heard her stirring in the kitchen bathroom around 5:00 this morning - she's not typically up at that time so I went to check on her.  She was doubled over and said her back was killing her. She had laid on the bathroom floor, the couch and the bed but couldn't get comfortable.
  • The kids were stirring around 7:00 but tried to stay quiet while still checking on Tara.  She got an appointment at 8:45.  The pain came and went - she even briefly thought about going to Bible Study (since they've missed the first two weeks due to our trip) but we decided I would take the big 3 to Bible study and the little 3 would go to my folks. Tara drove herself to the doctor - in hindsight not the smartest thing on our part.
  • I dropped the Whitman, Keaton and Campbell off at my folks and took the others to Bible study. The plan was to meet Sara but I missed her and decided to take the kids in.  Well, since they hadn't been there this year - there was all sorts of paper work to complete, snack signups, etc. The Bible study folks are serious about their forms and wanted to check that off their list - it didn't matter that the 3 documents I signed for each kid said, "I will not leave the premises while my kids are in class" and then I promptly left.  I think more of formality than an a hard and fast rule.  Except the lady at the front desk was new and definitely wanted me to sign the form saying it was okay for Sara to pick up my kids.  (I do appreciate the rules but sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do!)
  • By this time, Tara is texting saying that I need to come get her and we would leave the other car there.  We stopped to fill a pain medication and came home. It has been a long day for Tara - the pain medication causes nausea. The doctor has told her hopefully the stones will pass or she should come back Monday. (That seems like forever away right now.)
  • Plus, at some point this morning, Tom called and said that Beebee (Tara's grandmother) had had a heart attack and was at Baptist Hospital.  The first thought it was mild but by the end of day a decision to place a pacemaker was made - so that will happen in the next day or so.
  • Thankfully, between Sara and Candace the big 3 were well taken care of this afternoon - sounds like they even snagged a McDonald's Happy Meal at some point.  And Grannymom and Grandpa, of course, were busy spoiling the others.  Mom did say Campbell defnitely wanted her and the others to make a card for Tara and then they went to Rock Creek and later in the day to the Woodland Edge park.  Again, so thankful to have such great family and friends.
  • Anderson did have a previously scheduled dentist appointment to refix his front tooth so I briefly picked him from Sara's and then returned him after he was fixed up.
  • Everyone got the kids to church tonight where I met them and they were all excited to be back at SonShine Kids, 3:16 LIVE and IGNITE.  All went well - Reagan did report that she had a great time on the drama team and was excited that Camryn was on the same team.
  • We made it home - Whitman was sound asleep and went straight to be bed - while the big 3 showered and then everyone had a quick snack before bedtime.
  • We are hoping for relief soon and that tomorrow is not as dramatic.

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