September 22, 2016 - Happy Birthday to Me!

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  • Well, day #2 of the evil kidney stones and they are still here.  Tara's had another rough day ... she managed to sleep decently but was still up every few hours with pain and nausea.  The good news later in the day that the nausea has subsided but the pain is sticking around. Not sure if there are multiple stones but she said the pain seems to be in different places at the same time. Even though the doctor said to come back Monday, she's thinking she'll go head and call them tomorrow to see if they can do anything else. 
  • Meanwhile, the day continued around here. Anderson was the first one up but he wasn't sure if he needed to check on Tara or not.  I think he thought kidney stones might be contagious and he didn't want to go anywhere near her if there was a chance he could catch what she had.  We let him know he was safe but he quickly disappeared.
  • He soon returned with a homemade card for me and it even included 2 Rice Krispie Treats. Meanwhile, Graham and Campbell were stirring and soon got in on the birthday card making activities and they too managed to include Rice Krispie Treats with their cards. I woke Keaton and Whitman up since it was a school day for them.  
  • Got them dressed and Tara, thankfully, was able to help Keaton with her hair (or might not have been pretty).  The other did start on their school - anything of it that didn't require Tara's help) and I quickly ran Whitman and Keaton to school.
  • Made it back home and the others were already finishing up their school and got to their iPads fairly early this morning. Soon though it was time to leave.  On the calendar was a homeschool gathering at Amber's house for a swim party - Tara hated to miss but the timing couldn't have been better to occupy the kids a bit so she could rest.  So we all picked up Keaton and Whitman and headed to Benton.
  • Dropped everyone off but Whitman ... although he wanted to stick around and swim too - didn't want to overwhelm the other mom's with another little non-swimmer to watch.  I bribed him back in the car with a big bottle of Gatorade and then he promptly told me he wanted to go to Grannymom's.  Well, he had been there the past 2 days but Grannymom graciously said he was welcome back. So we headed to west Little Rock where I dropped him off and then came home to do a bit of work.
  • The neighbor kids were on their bikes in the driveway hoping the kids were home - I stepped out to tell them they were gone but would be home soon.  I soon headed back to Benton to pick up everyone and they were still swimming and didn't really want to get out. But they too had Gatorade bottles to woo them into the car. (Plus, they were excited to hear the Corsers were probably going to be outside when they got home.)
  • I had stopped on the way to pick up the kids to pick a bit more bbq - we had leftover buns but no bbq from the other night and I thought I needed a decent birthday supper :)  The kids weren't interested in eating when we got home because the neightbor kids were out and supper could wait.  They changed into their clothes and quickly headed out.
  • They were out a bit ... but soon Anderson asked if they could come inside and play.  Soon I heard the Xbox going and Anderson/Petyon were busy with legos.  I ran to meet Mom who was delivering Whitman. Keaton rode with me while everyone else continued playing in the bonus room. Everyone was still here when we got back and Whitman quickly found his iPad.
  • Neighbor kids left and showers began around here ... by the time we started supper, it was 7:00 and Nonna and Pops came bearing cake and ice cream.  We finished supper and then lit some candles and dug into the cake!
  • We managed to have a decent day but still hate to see Tara not be herself. I think I'll call a mulligan and celerbate my birthdayy when she is better!

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