Epic Road Trip (Day 21: September 13, 2016)

We all slept well in our room last night and Robby was the first one to wake up. Soon afterwards, Campbell was awake and everyone then started stirring. Last night, I was a bit worried about Graham feeling okay and even gave him some medicine but this morning he seemed to be feeling fine.

Robby had bought sausage biscuits, doughnuts and orange juice for our breakfast this morning. We ate all of the biscuits, drank all of the orange juice and almost finished the doughnuts before leaving for our next adventure. We stopped to buy some more ice since we were carting around our leftover ice cream from last night.

Once the ice cream was safely taken care of, we headed down the road to the Cape May-Lewes Ferry. We pulled in the line and headed to the bathroom. We walked past a playground and told the kids we could play on the way back but just as soon as we finished in the restroom, they told us to head back to our cars. So we ran to the playground and let everyone play for just about 2 minutes and then it was on to our cars.

Soon we drove on the ferry and we found a table and devoured our ice cream. We looked in the gift shop and Robby even hooked up everyone’s ipads for a bit of playtime while on the boat. The ride lasted for 85 minutes and the gentle rocking of the boat made me very sleepy. Reagan enjoyed walking around the top deck of the boat and we made 2 trips around the boat. We sat down a bit before we knew it, the ride was coming to an end and we were having to head to the car.

We drove through the little town and then headed on to Assetegue Island National Seashore. We stopped at the visitor’s center. Campbell spent some of her money buying a water bottle and I found another ornament. Wa watched the movie all about the horses and when we did get back in the car, the kids said something about looking for horses and Whitman shouted “unicorns.” I reminded him that there would be no unicorns and we went on our way.

The first horse that we saw was just at the entrance. We turned around to take some pictures of it-we knew that if we took a picture of those horses then we would see lots more but if we passed by those horses without a picture then we wouldn’t see any more at all. So we took the picture and we did see plenty of horses on our drive around the island.

On one of the roads, we came upon the water (bay possibly) and I looked out and sure enough out in the water was floating a big ole unicorn! Whitman was right, we did see a unicorn today. Everyone had a good laugh about our unicorn sighting. A bit later, we found a picnic area and had a picnic. Afterwards, we walked towards the ocean on the boardwalk and could hear the waves crashing.

I am pretty sure that showing the kids the ocean was just torture but we might just get back to the beach one more time before we have to head home. Once we did get back into the car, we had some fudge, drank some lemonade and the kids finished the rest of Mr. Popper’s Penguins.

Before we knew it, we were in Virginia stopping at a rest stop to potty and run around for a bit. Before we left there, Robby changed our hotel to one further up the road. The kids started a movie and we began our drive towards the Cheasapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel. The kids were pretty interested in the bridges and tunnels.

Robby and I are not huge fans of the tunnels-think of it, huge ships passing over your head as you are submerged in a metal tube. Makes me a little nervous! We stopped in the middle at the rest stop/visitor’s center. We walked along the pier and saw a man catching a shark. He struggled with it to release it from the net and then threw it back in the water.

As we were about to leave the pier, Robby noticed the sun which was quickly setting. We stood there and watched the sun set at the end of a pretty good day. We were surprised how quickly the sun went down-I guess we have never actually watched the sun set anywhere (nor have we seen the sun rise anywhere either.)

Once we were back in the car, we headed to pick up some supper for tonight and then were right near our hotel. Robby found the pizza place and we were soon in the hotel showering people and passing out pizza. Robby washed clothes-he had earlier said that we weren’t going to do it tonight but when it is free, we couldn’t pass it up. The kids were happy to have a bit of time with their ipads tonight tonight and hopefully everyone can be in bed early this evening.

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