September 30, 2016

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  • Lots of people were awake this morning before I was but I still started making a few muffins for breakfast. I tried to get them in the oven before everyone did wake up but my helper enjoyed stirring a bit too much for that to happen. Whitman loved stirring and soon Campbell joined to help him lick the bowl clean.
  • We had our muffins and then the kids went to work on their school work. The kids weren't moving to quickly on their school work today but I was in no hurry either so that was fine. I did set Keaton and Whitman up with a craft project and it lasted for about 10 minutes. Keaton blew through gluing the pieces on her traffic signal but Whitman only managed to finish one stop light.
  • As always with Keaton and Whitman back home on Fridays, school is a bit crazier but we survived and soon were eating lunch. We had bought a can of spam to eat on our trip but never get around to it so we had ourselves some fried spam for lunch (I didn't have any potatoes or that would have been added to the menu.) The kids ate it up and everyone asked for more-except for Whitman. He was actually loving the "brownies" that I kept handing him (pumpkin bread.)
  • This afternoon was pretty slow-Reagan packed for her retreat, chores, finishing some school work, the neighbors came over for a bit and the kids all had some downtime. It was a pretty nice afternoon.
  • When Robby came home, I jumped in the car with Reagan to take her to church for her preteen retreat. She had no idea what to expect and I am sure that she is having a blast. She was shocked to learn that they were going to have Bible study-I kidded her it was like having Sunday school all night long.
  • Once at home, I was there for a bit and then we loaded up to eat supper at the McGuire's house. They had chicken tacos which were delicious. The girls played dolls and the boys spent their time watching a movie. It was a pretty pleasant evening and Whitman was pretty content so that helped tremendously.
  • After we got in tonight, we showered everyone off and put them into bed. Tomorrow will be another big day!

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