September 19, 2016

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  • Well, back to reality today. Overall, I was expecting a pretty horrible day at school with lots of fussy people but thankfully the day didn't really go like that at all. Campbell was the first one awake and Keaton was up soon after her. She was ready to go back to school and told me that she was going to tell her friends, "Welcome me back."
  • Robby took her and Whitman off this morning and the rest of us got started to work. I told the kids that they could eat at their desks while they worked. My boys can always find the easiest things ever to start with but I guess that was fine because today I really only wanted them to finish half a day of school-Reagan did finish her school and Graham was close but Campbell and Anderson were no where close to finishing. They have another half day this week to finish up.
  • At 11, we did our work together-the kids just love our science and blah, I am going to have to find someone or something to teach science for me. It is just not my thing but I am really loving our history. After we finished our work together the kids and I started on lunch.
  • Lilly and Cash came over after lunch so we hurried to finish our chores before they came over. Once they were here, everyone had a blast and they forgot about their after trip depression. The boys played outside some and the girls were in and out. I was able to accomplish just a few things and then we all loaded up to go and pick up Whitman and Keaton.
  • Whitman and Keaton were happy to see all of us but so were Nonna and Pops. Nonna even had a birthday cake for Reagan's birthday. We celebrated one more time for Reagan. Nonna had a birthday present from Beebee and offered to let Reagan open it today but Reagan opted to wait for her real birthday party. 
  • We all went to see Beebe and she enjoyed seeing Lilly and Cash and even asked for me to bring them back. Everyone was very good today and enjoyed telling Beebee about our trip with their mouths full of candy.
  • Back at home, the kids played for a bit more and soon Robby came home with pizza. We ate and then everyone dressed as a pirate. Today was Pirate Day at Krispy Kreme and we took 8 little pirates. They were a cute little bunch even when they tried to be scary.
  • The lady asked me if I wanted all 8 dozen-well, of course. Wonder if they asked a family of 4 if they just wanted 1 dozen? I told that lady that we sure did and that they weren't all my kids-which was true. 
  • We dropped 1 dozen off at Grannymom's house and then we took in one of our dozens to Dana's house to eat there. The kids enjoyed playing and Whitman asked to stay there "a lot" when it was time to leave.
  • One the way home, I ran into the grocery store to pick up food while Robby bought some gas. The kids had showers and a drink. Then it was bedtime for the crew. My girls are still talking upstairs for a long while but all my boys must be pretty tired!

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