Epic Road Trip (Day 16: September 8, 2016)

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I do believe that all of the Dennies slept well last night and no one really stirred until around 8. My early riser, Graham, was even sleeping a bit later this morning.  Campbell though was my child up early and was the first to get her clothes on. We had our breakfast and then everyone worked on getting ready.

We rode the subway towards the Whitney museum and it was relatively easy. The kids might just be subway pros by the time we leave here.  Though Graham is still pretty wigged out counting everyone when we get on or off a subway car.  I get so tickled at him worrying about his brothers and sisters.

It was a few blocks to the Whitney museum and that is where the High Line starts.  The High Line is an old elevated subway track that the city has turned into a park. It was a bit crowded but was a pretty nice walk. There were lots of plants and greenry along with quite a few benches. The sun was a bit warm but with a few breaks we were soon at the end.  Our plan had been to stop at Chelsea Market but we missed it but that was alright because there was quite a bit to see today.

After the High Line, we saw Madison Square Garden and then walked on towards Macy's so we could show the kids where the parade happens.  From there we stopped for a bit and had the most perfect view of the Empire State Building. We sat and listened to the band and enjoyed the view before starting back on our walk.  

We eventually made it to Time’s Square and man, there is so much to see there.  Whitman had so much to see that he was overwhelmed and became fussier than usual. We soon made it to our Ray’s pizza place.  Robby said that there are over a hundred different Ray’s pizzas in NYC but this is the one that we always go to.  It is nice to know where the bathroom is at a store-even if it is down in a scary basement.

After we ate, Grannymom and Grandpa caught the subway back to the apartment. We explored Time’s Square a bit more. The kids really enjoyed the M&M store. Anderson bought a hat there and even though we walked through a few others stores, I couldn’t find anything for Whitman nor could I get Reagan to spend her money.  We did find Carlos’ Bakery and spent an arm and leg there.  By this time, we were pretty hot and a bit tired so we subwayed back to the apartment.

We had Grannymom and Grandpa meet us on the 5th floor and we ate our goodies.  I had carrot cake (since they didn’t have crumb cake), the kids had cupcakes, cakes, cookies and Robby had a cannoli.  Everything was very good and I even had a coffee mug from Carlos’-Robby says it is too heavy to hang on the tree and I think that I believe him.

After we are, we came upstairs to veg out for a little bit.  Whitman had a shower since he just looked filthy from spending the day on the streets of New York.  Everyone else started in on their kindles and after Grannymom and Grandpa left for their show, the kids watched a few minutes of Mr. Popper’s Penguins so they could review the sites in the movie that they have already seen.

Robby fixed a bit of supper (sandwiches) and soon we were heading out the door again. I was thinking about curling up and taking a nap but the light was quickly fading and we had a lady to see.  We walked right out the door and jumped on the subway-we made the kids sit down and it was a good thing that we did because we it was a long ride becuase it was at least 9 stops.

We hurried and walked right to the Statten Island Ferry.  We acted like we knew what we were doing and were soon on the ferry looking at the Statue of Liberty.  When Whitman saw a picture of the statue, he knew exactly who she was. The kids enjoyed the boat ride and getting the easy view of the statue.  When we docked on Staten Island, we walked back around to get in line for the return ferry.  

We had to wait for a bit and just as we were boarding the ferry, Reagan or Graham bumped into Campbell’s mouth. Of course, it was the craziest time possible-walking on to the ferry, climbing steps, keeping up with Whitman and Keaton (who I briefly lost-she was right behind me but I couldn’t see her) and carrying the strollers. Campbell was still sobbing and about to fall apart.  I asked to look and said that I wouldn’t pull it out-I lied and yanked that loose little sucker out. We didn’t have time for drama while boarding a boat!

She was just fine as soon as she realized that her tooth was gone and that meant the tooth fairy would come.  Reagan and Graham both started telling me that the tooth ferry would probably give her 5 dollars since everything is more expensive in New York.  They were talking to me like I had some connection to the tooth fairy. After all of that, the ride back was a bit calmer as we waved farewell to Lady Liberty.

Back on the subway and this time instead of it being full, it was completely empty. The kids enjoyed being able to spread out some and I enjoyed sitting down on the long ride.  Nce we were back in the apartment, we started on showers and had snacks.  Then it was time for bed for all of my crew-a late night but tomorrow might just be later.

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