Epic Road Trip (Day 18: September 10, 2016)

Graham coughed and moaned and groaned all night long. He must have been having a doozy of a dream last night.  Around 6 he stirred and Robby told him to get in bed with us. Seriously, we need a big bed like that-we would never even notice when someone is sleeping in the bed with us.  Possibly we don’t need a bed as big as this one because there would be someone in there all the time with us. At home, I just keep a blanket under our bed for whenever the kids try to get in bed with us.

Robby woke up pretty early and started a load of laundry. They were in the dryer by the time that we all woke up to start our last full day in NYC. Robby ran over to McDonalds to pick up a bit of breakfast while I got myself ready and Grannymom and I worked folding the laundry. We had our breakfast and then started on today’s trek.

The subway for this ride was the one just right on this block which was nice but by the time we found our train, we had probably walked 6 blocks under the ground. In the mornings, we start out so fresh but by the time we can finish our subway ride everyone is tired and hot.  

We started this morning off in the edge of Harlem. The apartment is near the southeast corner of Central Park so today we started off in the northeast corner. It was half a mile from the subway to the park and after a walking a bit in the park, we did come to the Vanderbilt gates. Soon after that, the kids found a playground and everyone was pretty happy.

My favorite part of the park is the area in the NW. It has formal gardens and things were so pretty and quiet there. It is just amazing the number of bikers, joggers and people in the park. It was probably a bit more crowded today because it is Saturday but we saw races, birthday parties, tourist, exercisers, workers and everyone else today.

We saw the Egyptian Obelisk near the Moma and walked along the Onassis Reservoir. It is pretty wild to think there is a body of water that large in the middle of NYC. Then it was on to Belvedere castle built in 1919.  We climbed the steps there and took a few pictures.

My favorite spot of the day was seeing the Ramble which was a swampy area and then seeing the area where you can rent boats.  The water was full of boaters today and it looked like so much fun-I want to come back in the fall and just spend all of our time in Central Park. By this time, we had walked at least 3 miles but probably more.  Robby called an Uber car to take Grandpa, Grannymom and a few Dennie kids back to the apartment. (I do believe that my kiddos are getting used to the rich New Yorker lifestyle.)

Reagan, Anderson, Robby and I walked back to the apartment from that spot.  We had a good haul in front of us but lemonade icees made things a bit better.  We passed what was left over of their Race for the Cure and passed an amusement park of some sort. When we got to the end of the park, we walked over to the Plaza Hotel.

We waltzed right on inside just like we knew what we were doing (we may have looked like we knew what we were doing but we were not dressed like we should have been in there at all.) Downstairs they have a food court and there was lots to see there including a store that sold all things Eloise. Reagan and I enjoyed looking in there and my Keaton and Campbell would have really loved everything there.  

After that we walked back down the street, stopping briefly for a parade or protest. Then we were back to the apartment for a few minutes.  Grannymom and Grandpa caught their ride to the airport and soon afterwards we headed back down for our evening adventure.

It had sprinkled just a bit-enough to make things a bit messy. We walked right to the subway and hopped on our train. We got off near Radio City Music Hall and took a picture there. From there it was just a short hop to Rockefeller Plaza. We walked around the building, saw where people will soon ice skate (it is a restaurant right now) and even walked through a Lego store.

We then had a fairly decent walk to Times Square. The kids watched a street performer for a bit while I ran into a store to buy Whitman a shirt. It was crazy crowded today and I was reminded that there is no way I want to be in this city for Times Square (and probably not the Macy’s parade even though that is on my bucket list.)

It didn’t take too long to make our way back to Ray’s Pizza. We ate there the other day and then again tonight-it is the pizza place we always seem to eat at. Once we had sat down, another lady from Little Rock started talking to us. She goes to Rock Creek and was headed to Isreal. Small World. We enjoyed our pizza and then headed back to the apartment.

There are subway exits on every single block it seems like and Robby had tried his hardest to come out on the right one each time we return to the apartment. He got it last night but tonight we came out 2 blocks away! Oh, well, I guess he can figure it out on our next NYC trip.

Back at the apartment, everyone showered and we did laundry. Robby took the laundry down and I started trying to pack things up. We aren’t going to leave super early in the morning but we do have a little bit of cleaning before we leave. We want for this place to look perfect before the cleaning lady comes and makes it look perfect.

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