August 10, 2017

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  • I was in the kitchen this morning when I heard Whitman coming down the stairs. He was looking at the floor as he walked towards our bedroom. I moved just a few steps over so I would be in front of him and bent down to tell him good morning. I had no idea that he didn't see me at all and when that baby looked up at me, he let out a scream. Of course, my first response was laughter which was probably as loud as Whitman's scream.
  • I could barely pick him up and carry him to our bed I was still laughing so hard. Robby heard the scream and thought that it was Keaton. Everyone had a good laugh at Whitman's expense which maybe caused him to have a pretty rough day!
  • We did our school this morning but we were minus Keaton most of the morning-she slept until after 10:15. She had school to do but I figured that sleep was probably a bit more important than her kindergarten work. She can catch up tomorrow.
  • This week Anderson's math is a bit easier and yesterday, he finished before everyone else. For someone who never seems to mind that he takes longer than everyone else, he was certainly delighted to point out that he was finished first yesterday. Today, he was finished before Reagan which made her panic trying to rush and finish her school.
  • We worked together and then I made lunch while the kids worked on their chores. After lunch, we did some more packing. Counting tomorrow I still have 4 full days to get ready but I am starting to wonder if I can get it done! (No worries, it will all work out.)
  • We jumped in the car to meet all of the buddies at the pool. When the other people at the pool saw our large group, they all left! Counting our group and one other mother that was talking with us, there were 28 kids! All of our stuff was under one umbrella and Anderson walked up to me and said that we needed to move because it was too crowded. I told him that these were all our people but that he could go to another umbrella.
  • At one point, Reagan grabbed her towel and said that it was sprinkling. The very next second, it was pouring. People were throwing towels, running for cover and just as quickly as the mommas were trying to get under the umbrella, the kiddos were running to the pool.
  • When it was time to leave, all of my kiddos quickly climbed out of the pool-all except one. Whitman had no intention of leaving the pool. Graham had to jump in and get him and since there was really no one left there, he was given a good swat on the edge of the pool (and another one moments later when he started playing in the puddles getting into the car).
  • I didn't let him have a drink on the way home and he cried and cried and yelled most of the way home. He told me over and over that I was a mean mom. I tried to explain that this meant that I was doing my job well but he didn't care. He also tried to get Anderson to "punch me." He calmed down once we made it home and everyone helped unload the car and put on dry clothes.
  • Robby was home soon after and he had pizza for supper. We ate and then there were a few showers followed by Keaton and Campbell helping Robby make some of his chocolate chip cookies (still perfecting his cook times.) 
  • We watched a few tv shows tonight before bedtime. At bedtime, I passed out medicine to just about everyone it seems. Reagan is better, I guess, I but I am not sure she is 100% and is still coughing, Keaton still coughs, Graham had to have ear drops tonight and is getting a cough, Campbell says her throat hurts...I just no longer know who or if I should take anyone to the doctor.
  • Well, I started today's blog with Whitman and we shall end with him too. I ordered him to potty upstairs as we were getting into bed but I had to go down to find Campbell medicine. After I had tucked him in, Robby called him into the bathroom. That child had unrolled all of the toilet paper.
  • We just stared at him and he shouted, "I'm scared of you two." Robby opened up the attic door and told him that he would be sleeping in there. Whitman was not too pleased about these plans and said that maybe he would fix the toilet paper. We stood there snickering as he rolled back up the entire roll of toilet paper! School can't come fast enough for one little Dennie boy!

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