August 14, 2017

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  • The main goal this morning was getting Whitman to his first day of pre-K 4. It was a bit easier since I didn't have to go upstairs to wake him up-he joined us at 3:45 last night. He is pretty snuggly in the middle of the night but goodness he does like to lay on the edge of the bed which makes me constantly want to pull him back towards the middle.
  • We decided yesterday that we would go ahead and take Campbell to the doctor this morning so right before Whitman left for school, I called for an appointment. I was almost positive that she was going to be just fine and only have a cold-I almost felt silly going to the doctor for my 3rd day in a row.
  • Robby took Whitman to his first day of school while the rest of us started our 4th week of school. The kids buckled down and did good while I was out and about with Campbell. At the doctor, Campbell did have 2 ear infections and her lungs sounded bad enough to warrant a chest xray. Thankfully, it wasn't pneumonia but she gave us meds to knock it all out. She even prescribed meds for Keaton since she is still coughing.
  • By the time we finished at the doctor and headed to the pharmacy, it was pouring out. Our wait at the pharmacy was so long that the pharmacist asked Campbell if she was already better after waiting so long. 
  • We ran to Walmart on our way home while Robby fed lunch to everyone. Then it was time to finish chores for the kids and for me to catch up on all of the school work that I missed. The kids finished most of the work this morning but we still have a few bits and pieces to do tomorrow-that is fine since we will have all morning for school and then some of the afternoon to clean around here.
  • Nonna and Pops picked up Whitman from school and he had a good day (or at least he said that he didn't get into trouble-that is all that I can ask for.) They brought him home this afternoon and all he could think about was making a marble track with Graham.
  • Speaking of Graham, this morning he asked to make Reagan breakfast in bed. He made her two egg in the holes. It was the sweetest thing ever. I had to go wake Reagan up since he wasn't able to wake her up but I do think that she did enjoy her breakfast. I am not sure why he thought of that but it was very kind of him. 
  • I spent the majority of the afternoon packing-I was able to zip up all of the kids suitcases and move them out of my bedroom. My bedroom had become a not so restful place with 8 suitcases, 7 backpacks and at least 10 different list laying in the floor.
  • Robby tried to clean out the freezer for supper so we had a buffet of things. Then it was time for a few shows before bedtime. The kids were so excited to see the Wilsons drive up. They came bearing cookies for our trip to Dallas. 
  • Tonight Robby was asking Whitman about his day at school. Robby recalled seeing a few kids that were taller than Whitman and asked if there were any kids bigger than him. Whitman replied, "All the kids, Daddy." Robby then asked him if the girls were bigger than him and he again replied, "All the kids, Daddy." My little guy might just be the smallest in his class this year!
  • We then finished our show and off to bed for the Dennie crew. They are tired but I am more tired!

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