August 9, 2017

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  • Reagan and Graham were the first ones awake this morning. I am sure that my faithful blog readers become a bit bored reading about who wakes up first every morning but I just find it all so fascinating. For days one person will be the first one up and then all of a sudden someone else wakes up first. It is just plain odd to me. I do agree that possibly I need a hobby.
  • Keaton wasn't up early. In fact, Robby and Whitman had already left the house this morning and I was already working on school work with someone. I had gone upstairs earlier in the morning and turned on the lights and opened the blinds. She needed her rest-I guess all of my sickly (and recovering folks) do. Reagan still isn't back to normal and tonight at bedtime, Campbell was warm. 
  • School was uneventful today and a bit calmer since Whitman wasn't here. He spent the day with Grannymom. Now, at one point though I did think that I was about to have a breakdown. For some reason, all 5 of my kiddos ended up working in my bedroom. I usually try to only have the one that I am working with in my room while everyone else is next door in the school room or spread around the house doing their own work.
  • Anyway, today they were all in my bedroom and I could feel myself becoming more and more panicked, like it was rising up inside of me. I had to take a few deep breaths and gulp some of my water and calm down a bit. I didn't make anyone leave but they soon trickled out and my blood pressure slowly returned to normal.
  • Once school was finished, we had our lunch and then it was packing time. You would think that we would be finished with all of our packing by now, wouldn't you? Today's work was on everyone's carry ons. It wasn't as bad as I thought and my once 4 page packing list is not whittled down to 2 pages.
  • I ran with Shannon this afternoon to grab some books and as soon as I came home, it was almost time for Reagan to jump into the car. The others were outside playing with the neighbors. Reagan and I picked up Alyssa Kate and we headed to Ava's birthday party. 
  • Robby loaded up the neighbors and everyone went to the pool. He picked up Whitman on the way and after a fun day of playing, he was worn out at the pool and slept the entire time. Robby said that he did sit up and look around briefly but then laid back down and went right back to sleep. When it was time to go home, he did want to swim then but was appeased by learning that he would get to go tomorrow.
  • Reagan had lots of fun at her party-she just has a pretty good bunch of girls. We drove home and arrived just after Robby and his pool gang. They had already showered and were loading up again for the Wilson's house.
  • We went over there to have a bit of ice cream and a visit. We talked until late and came home and put the kids into bed. We have already had our snack so I guess I might just do a bit more packing this evening...or maybe not.

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