August 31, 2017

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  • I was again waking everyone up this morning. We must all be a bit jet lagged or maybe we have mono or something. My people are tired still in the mornings, Robby and I are pretty exhausted too (but maybe we need to go to bed a bit earlier.)
  • I grabbed Whitman out of his bed and brought him down while he was still asleep this morning. After a bit, I was able to wake him up enough to put his clothes on him. I think we have turned the corner on him getting dressed by himself-if we lay out his clothes, he can pretty much put on everything by himself. He even put on a sock the other day. I know this isn't impressive for a 4 year old but for Whitman, who has been babied by us all, this is a huge milestone! But yes, in the morning when he is so very sleepy, I do still put his clothes on him.
  • He found his breakfast and soon he was off to school. This was an exciting day-he had homework to turn in and a little gift from Hawaii for Ms. Stacy. It took two trips upstairs to get Reagan up, but soon everyone was awake and doing their school work.
  • Today went immensely better than yesterday. It always helps when Robby is home. We were able to fly through school today which always makes me happy and tomorrow will be our 4th day of school this week (we did one day before we left) so tomorrow will be even easier.
  • Anderson asked to make lunch, and he did such a good job that I quickly wrote "help mom make lunch" on next weeks chore lists. I am not sure why I haven't completely handed that job off already. 
  • After lunch, the kids worked on a few chores and before I knew it, they were outside. Everyone played outside and even though I did a few chores around the house this was the longest afternoon and evening ever. Seriously! I don't have any big chores to do-I did put some clothes in the attic, gather some things for the kids to take places, clean my desk, and earn a continuing education hour but other than that, I think I need a hobby.
  • My boredom probably came form the fact that the kids just stayed outside. It was after 7 when they all finally ventured back in. It has been a few weeks since the kids have spent so much time outside. They came in tired, hot, stinky and hungry-signs of a perfect day!
  • We ended the day with pizza and watching the Hogs. The boys were sort of into the game-well, they were more than I was. We let the kids stay up entirely too late watching the game but everyone was in bed by 10.

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