August 27, 2017-Hawaii Adventure!

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This blog will be fairly short because everything seems to running together in my mind and not only that, it all seems like it was so long ago too. I left off last night when we were getting on the plane to LA. Nonna, Pops, Jason, Anderson and Graham were in the back of the plane and the rest of us were in the middle.

I had stressed the importance of sleeping on these flights home but after I finished my movie, I realized that I was the only one up front who was not asleep. Campbell was on one side of me. She was sitting by the window with her legs in my lap. Whitman was on the other side of me and his head was in my lap. I slept it must have been pretty lightly because I was constantly pulling his legs out of the aisle.

We must have slept at least a good 2 hours because the next thing I knew, they were sounded the ding and we were starting our descent. We arrived in LA before 5 and as soon as I saw the boys, we could tell that they didn’t sleep at all. They were too busy watching movies and tv shows! (But I can’t really blame them, they had quite a few movies that even I wanted to watch.)

Robby bought some breakfast items from Starbucks and we waited for our next flight. It was ice cold in the terminal and everyone finally pulled out those coats that I had packed in their carry ons-Everyone but Whitman because last night (or whenever I packed) I decided that his jacket was too big for him to be hauling around.

On the next flight, Whitman and I were in one back row with Anderson and Jason beside us and Graham in front of us. Now, on this flight we all slept so well and so long that we didn’t even get snacks or drinks! Whitman slept pretty much the entire time and I was probably only awake about an hour of the 4 hour flight. Thankfully, Anderson and Graham caught up on their sleep during this flight.

It was a bit bumpy coming into Dallas-there were a lot of clouds. I guess that I have mellowed out a bit in my older years. Flying used to unnerve me a bit but now, I am pretty zen about the whole thing. The kids never seemed to notice any of the turbulence but they don’t really know what is to be expected while flying since it is all relatively new to them.

Once we landed in Dallas, we set off to find our bags and Robby went to pick up our van. We drove to Rockwall and ate a lunch/supper the Cotton Patch Café. It was pretty good though my chicken tortilla soup was pretty vegetable-y.

When lunch was over, we were soon back on the road home. The kids played their ipads, Nonna and Jason snoozed, Pops stayed awake to make sure that Robby stayed awake and I did some snoozing and staying awake watching Robby.

At one point, Campbell asked what time it was and we told her that it was 4:30. She asked if it was 4:30 in the morning or 4:30 at night. That is how confused we all are on our times! We made it home around 7:45ish except we didn’t go home, we headed straight for the Wilson’s house.

We stayed there entirely too long chatting about everything and eating brownies before we finally headed home. The kids were great tonight helping us unload. We managed to get everything in the mudroom and start on laundry. The kids jumped in the showers and a bowl of ice cream before bed.
I think that most everyone is exhausted but I am afraid that poor Whitman who has slept all day long is not going to be able to sleep too well tonight!

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