August 30, 2017

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  • No one was awake this morning when I rolled out of bed. I opened the blinds and did a few things before Graham came down the stairs. Whitman had already been in our bed for a while. I am not sure when he crawled into bed with us but I know that he wanted to sleep in the middle.
  • I tried to stir the kids one time and was able to wake up Keaton and Campbell. Anderson was close behind. I then had to holler up to Reagan a few times to get her to come downstairs. I did think about my friend who's mom would spray their face with a water if they didn't get up the first time.
  • Robby left for work and the rest of us started on our school work. I already knew how things would go today since we have had a pretty good break. Some Dennies did better than expected and others did much worse than expected. We survived though and everything was finished by a bit after noon.
  • It was nearly 1 when I did finally get things picked up enough that I could think about making lunch. It was just sandwiches again but when I pulled out a bag of chips, the kids were super excited. I guess I just need a new bag of chips each sandwich meal to keep everyone happy.
  • This afternoon we did some laundry and then I sat in the living room and had myself a nap. I was exhausted today and even though my nap was full of interruptions (all of the kids were in the living room too) I woke up feeling much better!
  • I had my shower and was about to call everyone for supper when the neighbor kids came out. The kids ran out and I just hated to have to call them inside after just 30 minutes. They acted (and smelled) like it was super hot outside. Everyone had to change shirts and then it was time for our leftover supper.
  • Then it was on to church for our first Wednesday night. We had missed the first two so finding our spots were a bit tricky. Everyone seemed happy about their classes except Anderson. The preteen classes are divided into 4 (or more) different rotations and in one of his, he is the only boy.
  • I finished with my job a bit early so I started picking everyone up early. The kids are all much easier to pick up this year so that is wonderful. We headed home and Robby had a bit of a snack for everyone and soon it was bedtime!

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