August 6, 2017-Summer Branson Trip

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No matter how big or small our trip is, everyone is always excited. This means lots of people up early and before I could even get out of the shower this morning, Whitman was telling, “please put on some clothes,” and asking, “did you pack my pajamas?” I did both!

We did a bit of straightening and were in the car a bit earlier than planned. Robby and I both thought that church started at 9:30 so we waited until then to turn it on forgetting that it had started at 9:15. We quickly caught up and after church, we tried to watch two movies that Reagan had picked up at Redbox. Neither one would work which was pretty frustrating but we were able to watch one of our own movies.

Robby and I did a bit of Hawaii planning on the way while he drove through the rain. In Marshall, we stopped at the Daisy Queen. (Daisy, not Dairy). The food was pretty good but it wasn’t all the best. By far, the shakes were the best and Anderson, Graham and Campbell finished them off before we climbed back in the car.

The rain let up after our lunch and soon we were almost in Branson. We finished their movie and listened to some of our book on tape to pass the time. We drove up the strip once we made it into town and soon made our way to the Coleman store.

We always stop there-we are wannabe campers. They were having a tent sale and were selling every type of ice chests imaginable. We laid on the demo cots and watched people shove ice chests into the cars. We did buy two half gallon thermoses. We then walked through the main Coleman store and realized that we just didn’t need anything at all.

Next to it, they have a few little shops that we walked through-mainly because we needed a restroom. Then it was onto pick up Dixie Stampede tickets. This has been on my short list for a very long time and now we have tickets for tomorrow.

We then coasted on gas fumes to the nearest gas station since we only had 0.3 gallons of gas. We filled the car up completely and then Robby checked into the hotel. Graham and Campbell went in with him and they were able to carry all of the bags in.

Then it was on to ride go-carts. This was a major treat for everyone. Our first ride was the big track. Robby rode with Campbell (she didn’t want to ride the little go-carts that she was tall enough for) and I had Whitman with me. We went super fast up the hill and flew down the ramps. Reagan and Anderson were both tall enough to drive on this track as well. I was a bit worried about this and gave them instructions the entire time that we were waiting in line-don’t hit anyone, stay near the inside, brake when it is time to stop and on and on I went.

Meanwhile, Graham and Keaton waited patiently for us. Graham had the camera and took about a zillion pictures of us as we passed him by and Keaton had my phone and did the same. Soon it was there turn. Keaton’s line looked long so we got her in line while Graham was in line and somehow they both ended up riding at the same time.

Keaton did great and really enjoyed driving the go-cart for the first time. Her track only had 2 other cars going at once and it was the cutest thing. Now, this was also Graham’s first time to drive a go-cart of any kind as well. He was on a pretty big track was only passed by a few people. He came off the ride just grinning ear to ear.

Afterwards, we drove down the strip toward the Landing. We found a perfect parking spot at ended up eating at Famous Daves. We ordered a few things to split and everyone even had corn muffin as their dessert. We then walked through the Landing towards the fountains. The kids were right nearby the exploding fountains when the fire part of the show erupted. Keaton and Whitman jumped back as Whitman squealed and screamed. It was my favorite part of the day!

Then it was on towards the hotel for swimming. As soon as we came into the room, the kids threw on their bathing suits and we were on our way downstairs. Everyone swam while I talked to Pops and Robby talked Grannymom and Grandpa.

When they had swam until they were tired, we all headed upstairs for showers. We gave Reagan some medicine for cough and hopefully, we can all rest tonight. I know that I am a bit tired! Currently, everyone is playing their ipads and watching Shark Tank. We have a bit before bedtime but it will be an earlier night than we are used to.

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