August 3, 2017

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  • After a late night out to the Wilson's last night, no one was stirring too early this morning. In fact, we didn't really hear anyone until we finally climbed out a bed a little before 8.  We'll call it a slow start to the early morning routine of school. Doesn't really get underway until we have to start getting Whitman to preschool.
  • Normal morning routine as everyone found some breakfast and then got started on the school. School was mostly uneventful...maybe because we had an afternoon activity so they all had something to look forward to.
  • Soon it was time to head out...before heading to Grannymom's, we made a stop at the library. Robby had returned the majority of our checked out books (40+) so I only had a few to carry on. 
  • I guess the kids are used to not wearing shoes inside but for at least the 3rd time Reagan managed to leave the house with no shoes...even though she knew were headed to the library, Grannymom's and then to zoo.  (She managed to borrow a pair of Grannymom's shoes so crisis averted.)
  • Made it to Grannymom and Grandpa's in time for lunch and even a game or two of cards. Soon it was time to pick up Lilly and Cash and then make our way to the zoo. It was still a tad warm but we managed to crisscross the zoo and see lots of the animals including feeding of the monkeys, to see the rhinoceroses out (often they are not), and we even used our passes for the carousel or train.  We had limited passes so the kids had to choose...about half picked the train and the other half the carousel.  We spent most of the afternoon at the zoo and then headed to drop off G-mom, Lilly and Cash.  
  • I dropped everyone off at home, changed clothes and headed back out for a bit of shopping on my own since I was having dinner out with the home school mom's for a planning session (Or really just an excuse for a night out.)
  • The kids rested a bit and then Robby loaded them up to head to the pool to meet Lilly and Cash again for a couple of hours of swimming.  Back home, they snacked for supper and made some chocolate chip cookies. (Robby was disappointed in his own baking but all was edible.)

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