August 2, 2017

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  • Whitman was the last one to wake up this morning but even though I was super quiet when I checked on him after 8:30, he was still downstairs moments later. He walked into my bedroom where school madness was already happening and said, "I'm hungry." 
  • Reagan continues to have a bit of fever but she is a happy sick person. She even seems like she has talked a bit more the last few days and is nothing like Anderson when he was so sick. I had lightened her chore load today and even questioned myself until I felt her head. Now, she did end up having to do school after lunch which is crazy odd for her but she didn't seem to mind which again is crazy odd for her.
  • Graham was the first one finished with school and quickly started on his chores. When I checked the potty that he cleaned, I realized that his schooling for the day wasn't over. I gave him a thorough potty cleaning lesson. I actually don't even think that he got the potty brush wet on his first attempt of cleaning.
  • We then had lunch and Anderson still had his school to do. I know that I say this every day but he is just in no hurry during school. He gets 99 percent of his math correct every single day and doesn't mind at all to finish his work after lunch. Part of this could be that he has a bit more of my attention after lunch since everyone is finished.
  • I spent some treadmill time and around 4, Keaton, Campbell, Graham and I started the game of Sorry. It was quite comical because Keaton is certainly not the best game player. Every time something happened to one of her pieces, which is the point of the game Sorry, she would start crying and have herself a little fit. She even won the game with tears still rolling down her face.
  • Now, during this game, I was super impressed with Campbell. Graham started off well but once he figured out that the odds were against him for winning, he began to take after Keaton some. Campbell rolled with the punches and enjoyed the game, even when she was losing. Things like that just make me want to play more games with the kids.
  • When Robby pulled into the garage, the kids were already in the car listening to the book. We headed to the Wilson's house for supper. Shannon had spaghetti and after we ate, we did clean the table but we neglected to move the Parmesan cheese. 
  • I had been hearing Whitman and once even hollered for him to get out of their pantry. He wasn't in the pantry though-he was sitting at their table dumping Parmesan cheese out. He sprinkled at least a half of cup on the table and was playing with it like playdoh. Once he was finished with this, he did lap it up like an animal. 
  • Once I discovered, I sat back down on the couch-listen, I'm tired, he is number 6 and the damage was already done. When he was finished, I had to take him to the back deck to dust him off. I even beat his shoes together and took his shirt off and shook it. Nothing smells quite like a 4 year old covered in Parmesan cheese. He did have to help me sweep and vacuum up the mess.
  • We went for a walk and then did whatever does after a walk-made chocolate chip cookies. Well, I didn't make them but I took notes while Shannon did. She makes the best cookies and with my thorough notes hopefully I can too!
  • After we ate the cookies the kids ended up eating popcorn too. Then it was time for us to head home. We still had medicine to pass out and people to throw into bed!

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