August 29, 2017

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  • When I finished the blog last night, I was a bit concerned that Whitman was going to have a hard time going to sleep. It wasn't him that stayed up until 1:30; it was my girls. We would hear them occasionally and go up there, and each time that we did, they were wide awake.
  • I did let them sleep until about 9:00 and then I went on upstairs to wake them up, and hopefully, they learned a bit of a lesson. Doubtful though. Graham was up early this morning, but the one kids that I needed up wasn't yet awake.
  • Whitman went back to school today and he was pretty excited about it. Robby said that he did fine at drop off and pick up. It was pretty impossible to wake him up this morning so I was glad that he did fine at school.
  • By 9:30, my crew and I were leaving for our first homeschool day with our buddies. Everyone met at the Powell's house and swam until lunch time. Robby brought Whitman there just in time to eat his lunch. I sat with him as he ate a bit, and then he decided that he was ready to get in the pool.
  • He swam for a bit and then it was time to paint rocks. Everyone was so excited about painting the rocks-there were a ton of rocks to choose from. The kids loved painting the rocks. I probably should have taken a few pictures of their painted rocks. The thing now is to hide the rocks for someone else to find. Graham has already decided that he is going to take one of his rocks to Alaska and hide it.
  • After rock painting, there was lots more swimming to do. We made it home after 2 this afternoon. The kids must have been pretty tired because we didn't really hear much from them at all. 
  • I made supper-tonight's supper was a winner compared to last night's supper. Robby again bribed the kids with ice cream so they would be willing to work on some chores tonight with a good attitude. That seems to be working-they are happy, I am getting chores done at night, don't have to scramble during the day, and the house is clean (well, cleaner.)
  • The kids had to have showers tonight and then they watched some tv before going to bed. They were a bit sour about the time that we put them to bed since they were hoping to stay up later, but they were tired!...and so are we!

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