August 5, 2017

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  • Even though my early riser (Graham) wasn't home this morning, there were still plenty of early risers. Anderson was one of the first ones awake but Keaton and Whitman came to our room covered up in blankets pretty early this morning. They laid with us until I rolled out of bed to get them breakfast.
  • The morning flew by and soon Campbell, Keaton and I were on our way to Anna's birthday party. The girls had a blast-they painted cute canvases with their initials but the highlight was the slip n slide. The girls were sliding pretty good but when Casey added some dish soap, they flew down the slip n slide. Neither of my girls wanted to leave.
  • Once at home, I finished the girls' pineapple bags. I also did a bit to Campbell's bag and am more pleased with it. Reagan will still have to try hers on to adjust the straps but since I have put the sewing machine and it's table up, my school room looks so much bigger. I guess it really is Hawaii time since those bags are finished.
  • Reagan had spent the night with Lilly and even ended up going swimming with her for a bit so she arrived back at home as the rest of us were finishing straightening up the house. It isn't too clean but it is straight and that is really enough to make me happy.
  • She wasn't home long before it was time for me to take her to meet Alyssa Kate and Kennedy to go to the pre-preteen swim party for the girls. I was home for a bit when it was time to take Anderson to the real preteen swim party. Everyone else was outside playing with the neighbors so I am not too sure if Anderson really wanted to go or not.
  • They had a blast while they were there and Candice brought them back to us. After the neighbors went home, we fed everyone supper and went to the pool for 2 hours. They said that the pool was warmer tonight and even though there weren't too many people there, my crew never became bored.
  • Everyone had showers tonight when we made it home. Reagan is exhausted and might possibly have fever again. I think that everyone else was just as exhausted as Reagan and we never heard any sounds after everyone went to bed.

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