August 28, 2017

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  • At 8:20 this morning, Campbell came down and climbed into our bed. I was very glad that she did because I jumped up and called the doctor to make an appointment for her. Then I joined her back in bed and after setting my alarm, I went back to sleep along with everyone else in the house.
  • I was thankful that I set my alarm because the next thing I knew my alarm was ringing and Robby was getting up to get himself ready. He volunteered to take Campbell to the doctor so I could do some work around here.
  • Campbell was the only one awake when she left, and no one else woke up until after 11. I opened everyone's blinds at 11 and had to sent Whitman upstairs at least 3 times to help wake Reagan up before she finally woke up which was after 12:30.
  • My task today was the mound of laundry-at least 6 full loads. The kids all took 8-9 pairs of clothes (our usual packing consists of only 4-5 changes of clothes but there was no laundry for us on the boat.) So let's do a bit of math: 9 times 6 is 54 shirts, 54 pairs of shorts, 54 undies, 108 socks and on and on that list goes, plus pajamas, jackets, dressy clothes and bathing suits.
  • I pretty much worked from 10 until 4 on laundry and finishing unpacking. Campbell and Robby quickly ran by Nonna's house to drop off a suitcase before her doctor's appointment and then they saw Grannymom and Grandpa afterwards and then a quick trip to the store.
  • Keaton, Whitman and Graham made a store and sold the kids their lunches. It was pretty much a snacky lunch since we were out of most items!
  • Campbell was fine-she was a bit wheezy so it is some albuterol for her the next few days. Hopefully that will solve things but asthma and allergies were also questioned. I feel like she hasn't coughed as much today but she is definitely not 100% which could be due to exhaustion!
  • Jason came over just about the time Campbell and Robby arrived home. He brought lemonade and cookies from Chickfila. By the way, Chickfila makes great chocolate chip cookies. He played a few games with the kids and eventually had to leave to head to the gym. I believe that he might be in kid withdaw after spending over a week with my noisy crew.
  • Once he left, we finally finished up the laundry and unpacking. Then it was soon supper time. Robby found a few frozen dinners in the freezer and set himself up a buffet. He told the kids it was just like the cruise ship-they could pick what they wanted. They didn't think that was as great of an idea as Robby thought it was. 
  • Everyone did get enough to eat and when we bribed them with ice cream afterwards, they worked pretty hard on a few chores tonight. When the house was clean, we sat down to watch a few tv shows before bedtime.
  • I would have thought that everyone would be tired today but a few minutes ago it sounded like they were having a nerf gun war up there. I did check and it wasn't that but at least 1 jumping on their bed, 1 bloody nose and 5 pottiers.

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