August 16, 2017-Hawaii Adventure!

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Robby and I were again much too excited to sleep much last night. We were still going strong at 2 this morning-thinking about candles of all things. We still felt rested even though we did struggle to go to sleep. Whitman was up just as Robby’s alarm rang at 7, and he was asking to get into our bed.

He stayed in bed with us for a bit until I headed to the shower. Around 7:30, Pops text saying that Anderson, Graham and Campbell were heading down to breakfast with him. Keaton looked at me and said, “they forgot me!” So we threw on her clothes, brushed her teeth, combed her hair and I took her down to catch up with the others.

They all ate breakfast while Whitman, Reagan, Robby and I finished getting ourselves ready. We made our breakfast selections which were a bit on the slim side but adequate. Pops came down to join us for a bit and then we had a little bit of time in our room before loading up.

I didn’t take in everyone’s suitcases last night so that meant that I had a few things I needed to put in our suitcases and backpacks this morning (hair brushes, ipads…) Soon we were on the road to the airport. It didn’t take long at all for us to make it to the airport.

We checked the luggage at the curb which was handy. We each had a suitcase to check plus 2 car seats so the curbside check in was pretty nice. Robby jumped back in the van to drive back to the airport to park the car. He was able to park the car there and then take a shuttle back to the airport.

This was good for him but it did leave me going through security all alone-well, Nonna, Pops and Jason were there with me. The kids kind of remembered what to do but were still unsure. Pops helped get their baggage on the belt while I managed my stuff and tried to calm Whitman down. He was fine but he really wanted to help and be a big boy buy just didn’t really know how.

We made it and just about as soon as I had my shoes back on, Robby was texting saying that he was at the airport. He made it through the security line in about half the time as we did. The walk to our gate was short and soon we were there. Our flight was to leave around 12:20 but was delayed until 12:50ish.

That was fine since we haven’t really been to an airport in a long time and there was plenty to see and do.  The kids sat by the huge windows and watched what was going on outside, they played cards and even walked around some. We hadn’t been waiting too long when Pops took Anderson, Graham and Cambpell off to get a popsicle. This wasn’t any old popsicle, it was one that was then dipped in chocolate and covered in a topping of their choice. They looked delicious and messy!

When he returned with that crew, he took Whitman, Keaton and Reagan to pick out a treat. Keaton isn’t too big on ice cream so she passed on the popsicle and so did Whitman and Reagan. They did spy a 7-11 across the way and bought themselves icees.  

The plane was late but they boarded everyone quickly when it did arrive. Anderson and Campbell sat in front of me and Whitman. Reagan and Keaton were together with Robby and Graham behind them. Those seats worked our pretty well-Whitman needed one of us to deal with him, Graham was a bit skittish and also needed one of us (he did fine), and Reagan really steps it up when she is by herself with Keaton. Nonna and Pops were two rows back from us and Jason was right behind Whitman.

The flight was around 3 hours but it really went by fairly quickly. The kids all watched their movies. I should have written some of the blog but spent a good deal of my time taking Graham, Keaton and Campbell to the bathroom. Even though they have all flown, they don’t remember so I had to show them how to close the door and how to flush the potty. Of course getting a drink was a hit with everyone and when they passed out cookies or pretzels, everyone asked me if they were free.

I barely finished my second magazine when it was time to land and put away electronics. I pulled out a book to read to Whitman and when we touched down he jumped. He had forgotten that we were even landing. Robby looked at his watch and saw that our plane was boarding in 10 minutes-eek! We hustled off that plane and made a loop trying to find the place to catch the bus to the other terminal.

We didn’t have to wait too long for the bus and were soon at the correct terminal. It would have been ideal to pick up supper here (we had bought ChickFilA at the Dallas airport and ate it on the plane) but we didn’t have time. We barely had time to rush into the bathroom-actually, I am not sure if I even went myself.

After the bathroom, we skipped right to the line to board the plane and were soon picking out our seats on the second flight. This time Robby, Whitman and I are together with Anderson, Jason and Campbell beside us. Right behind us is Pops, Nonna and Graham with Reagan, Keaton and a stranger on the next set of seats.

The flight to Honolulu was a bit less than 5 hours but the time really did seem to fly by since everyone had video screens in front of them, I watched a pretty funny movie (Snatched) and did catch myself laughing out loud a few times. Whitman was also a noisy movie watcher and would occasionally yell, “I’m scared.”

We also should have filled up our water bottles in Dallas. Since there really was no time in LA. We were all pretty thirsty but we will be prepared for the flight home. They brought around drinks, then water, then coffee, and snacks. Of course there were a few trips to the bathrooms and a few seat changes.

Keaton was never really interested in the movies so I am sure that she was mostly bored out of her mind. She never looked like it or acted like she was bored but gracious me, it was a long flight. Towards the end of the flight all Keaton did was stare at the screen to see how many more minutes until we landed. About every 3 minutes she would holler across the aisle up to me to tell me the time left for the flight. The kids stayed busy with their bags of candy and I would bet that the candy consumed today has caused at least one cavity...but I will tell you it was worth every penny of that filling!

We arrived in Honolulu around 5:30 their time which was 10:30 our time. Some of the airport here is outside so it was a short but beautiful walk to pick up our luggage. Grabbing their suitcases off of the luggage thing was a highlight for all of my kiddos. Pops’ suitcase went around about 10 times before he finally realized that it was his.

From there, we headed out to the rental car shuttle. Whitman, who had been almost asleep once on the plane until I gave him more candy to eat, dropped his suitcase midstep and said, “I am so exhausted.” I am sure that he was! Somehow we got separated on getting on the rental car shuttle-not really separated but the thing filled up before Nonna, Pops, Campbell, Reagan and I could get on. That was fine since the next bus that picked us up was perfectly empty!

By the time we made it to the rental car place, Robby had already picked out his car and was getting Pops’ car ready. They were out of the mid size car so Pops was given a jeep to drive. I do believe that he was a little bit excited. It was about a 30 minute drive (traffic) from the rental car place to our house.

The kids were so excited to explore this house and almost trampled over Robby as soon as his phone unlocked the door. There are 4 bedrooms, one with it’s own bathroom, a really nice kitchen, living room, dining room area. Then there is also a space that was probably an old porch that they enclosed. The boys are sleeping out there. The girls are sleeping in a room and are alternating who sleeps on the floor one night and Whitman is at the foot of our bed.

Whitman doesn’t know that he is at the foot of our bed. He fell asleep on the car ride to the house and never woke up. I tried to stir him so he could at least see where he was and know where to come and get in bed with us in the morning but he was too tired. He did grab his bear when I laid it beside him but that boy was out.

Graham was just as tired. He is the one of everyone who becomes the most tired. I could barely keep him awake while Robby, Pops and Jason ran to pick up groceries for supper and lunch tomorrow.  Once they arrived back, we made sandwiches and everyone had a bite of supper before bed. Graham was the first one to head to bed followed by Campbell. Keaton was going strong-kind of odd for a 5 year old to be wide awake at 1. She must have been a bit tired because she was in super-follow-me mode. (The more tired she is, the more she follows me around.)

We had to make Reagan and Anderson brush their teeth and go to bed. I think they could have stayed up another few hours but Robby and I probably won’t be able to make that. We were awake last night at 2 and we are again tonight-thankfully it is just 9 Hawaii time...and it is my bedtime. Tomorrow will be our first beautiful day in paradise and I just can’t wait!

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