August 1, 2017

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  • I did wake Reagan up in the middle of the night last night to give her some medicine. I had thought that Keaton had fever too but when I checked her again, I guess that she had just been cozy warm but Reagan was fever warm. She wasn't too happy about me waking her up or about me giving her meds but she took them-probably because I also offered half a can of coke along with her medicine.
  • Graham was up first this morning and he had already done a few school pages. (Keaton might be rubbing off on everyone since she does her next day's school as soon as I put it in her box.) Soon the house was buzzing and Whitman was packing his bags to go to Grannymom's house for the day.
  • I dallied a bit more than I should have and didn't call the doctor until about 8:15 and by then they were out of appointments. The nurse called back a bit after Robby left and of course my phone was on silent. Even though I was looking for it as it rang, I didn't grab it in time. I returned her call and was able to snag an appointment for Reagan later in the day.
  • School went smoothly today. It is a bit spooky how well school is going right now-I know things will change but so far so good. After school, we had lunch and then started working on picking up the house.
  • I had a few minutes and started to work on the pineapple bags. I realized that I was out of green material and needed more since I had not cut out enough. Not only that, but I also sewed and sewed on one of the pineapple tops only to discover that I had cut it out an inch to small. No worries though because Reagan and I picked up some more material when we were out. We are also just so close to finishing those bags-which they better carry every single place they go in Hawaii.
  • Soon it was time for me to head to take Reagan to the doctor. We had to wait a bit but it was good to hear that her lungs were fine along with her ears. We figured that they would be since their bug must just start off as viral. Martin did say that coughs can last 6-8 weeks but told us to use Anderson's breather consistently with the coughers.
  • We ran to Hobby Lobby on the way home. Yes, I know that Reagan had 101 temp at the time but she also had a Sonic drink in her hand and couldn't have been happier. We weren't there long and were soon picking up Whitman from Grannymom's house. 
  • Once we were home, Whitman played with everyone else and spent some time just laying in the floor as the others played cards, with their new cards from Grannymom, all around him. We tried to wait the rain out and after it had slowed down, we headed out to Chicfila for supper.
  • Last week sickly Anderson ate less than half of his chicken sandwich. I assumed this was because he felt so bad. Tonight, even though he is feeling better, he only ate half of his sandwich. I couldn't figure it out until Robby reminded me that his chicken sandwich is a lot of meat for someone like Anderson that doesn't really like meat at all. 
  • The littles played before and after we ate and they capped off playing with ice cream cones. Now, when Whitman was handed his ice cream cone he stuck it up in the air and shouted, "I am the Statue of Liberty." He said this loud enough that the table nearby got a good kick out of him. 
  • Once at home the kids had a few minutes of downtime while Reagan struggled to take her medicine. She finally choked it down and then it was bedtime for all!

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