August 4, 2017

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  • No hurry for me to wake anyone up this morning since most everyone had already finished their school. Reagan, Anderson and Campbell were the only ones who had a few things left. After they had played on their ipads for a bit, I reminded them that they had school and soon they were headed towards the school room.
  • Before I knew it, everyone was finished with school and I was knee deep in chores and the kids were knee deep in a nerf gun war upstairs. After way too much arguing, I finally called everyone down to do a bit of school together work.
  • Then we had plenty of time for chores today before we ate our lunch. Graham was so excited when I finally told him that it was lunch time-he had been waiting not so-patiently for Grannymom and Grandpa to come and pick him up.
  • They arrived after lunch and Grannymom worked on Keaton's hair. Keaton's hair has become almost straw-like lately. I am sure that it is from the pool but shampooing and conditioning just isn't helping it. Grannymom tried some baking soda so hopefully that will work. Surprisingly, Campbell's blonde hair has become incredibly soft this summer which is not what you would expect for her blonde hair.
  • Graham convinced Grannymom to take him to spend his gift cards. He racked up with a new scrapbook, duct tape, sharpie markers, a basketball and some sporty something that I didn't understand when he was telling me about it. 
  • I worked with Campbell and we finished her pineapple backpack. I am not as crazy about hers as I was Keaton's bag. I think that is because it is a thicker material than Keatons. I am trying to figure out if I need to make any adjustments to Reagan's bag before finishing it up. 
  • I played Sorry with everyone this afternoon. Keaton was on my team and she did much better with her sportsmanship skills. Campbell won the game and during the game, I told Reagan that it was almost supper and she couldn't have a snack yet. When we were finished, she was quick to point out to me that it was just 3. I didn't have the heart to tell her that the game just felt like it lasted until supper.
  • I read a bit of Reagan's book that she is doing a book report about while Anderson played the xbox and Whitman tried to take a nap on top of me. When it was finally 5ish, we headed out to eat supper-Mexican. It was delicious and we were mainly there for the salsa. 
  • Afterwards, we dropped Reagan off for Lilly's birthday party and then headed to Sams, Walmart and Kroger.
  • Once back at home, we pulled out all of the cookie making gear and got to work. Robby is determined to learn how to make cookies like Shannon. Our butter was too melted-y so we pulled out two more sticks and by George, I think we almost have gotten it right! He couldn't be happier but oddly enough, I think that he only ate two of those cookies.
  • We put the girls in bed and then I told Anderson that he could stay up and read tonight. Whitman was already asleep and never woke up after our drive home. 

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