August 8, 2017

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  • Back to reality this morning-dishes, laundry, sleeping kids, school to be done, and lots of craziness. Whitman was the first one awake and had a list of things he wanted for me to do. He needed a big blanket to lay on, a little blanket to cover up with, a pillow for his head, a plate for his poptart, a poptart, milk in a cup and the tv turned on. I believe that he met his word quota before I even climbed out of bed.
  • Soon Graham was downstairs and he listened to a few of Whitman's words for me. They sat in the living room floor covered with blankets, eating breakfast and both watching Graham play his ipad. 
  • Anderson was down next and he found his breakfast and headed to work on school. I went up to wake up the girls and it just works best for them if I open their door, open their blinds, turn off their fan and leave the light on the hallway. They way they can wake up on their own and hopefully wake up in fairly good moods.
  • I started school this morning with Graham and then moved on to Campbell, Keaton, Reagan and then Anderson. Working with everyone takes most of the morning. Keaton takes the longest time because we have so much to do together. Anderson and Reagan barely do anything with me but then we have to check and review all of their work which does take a while. I still have to figure out how I can accomplish all of my checking of their work where it doesn't overwhelm me. 
  • At 11, I loaded up with Campbell, Keaton, Graham and Whitman to go and meet Ms. Stacey. Now, we know Ms. Stacey since she had been everyone's teacher. Whitman was so excited to bring his box to school. After looking at our crayons, I decided that I was not going to buy him new crayons since I had many of those big ones. I found one of each color, marked a line through Graham's name on them and wrote Whitman's name in big letters. And yes, above Graham's crossed out name was Anderson's name also crossed out. His crayons will be spending their third year in Ms. Stacey's class.
  • Once we made it home, I served up lunch and then it was time to do some packing. The kids helped and then we finished our chores. Somehow the afternoons just fly by with me still trying to cross things off of my list as Robby rolls into the driveway. I didn't get that treadmill doen today but it can wait!
  • We had enchiladas for supper and then we loaded up to go back to Chickfila. Two weeks ago, we bought milkshakes and a meal on the special receipt day. Tonight we took back our milkshake receipt and were served free shakes. Whitman loved playing on the play area but so did his sisters.
  • At home, the kids played some while I helped Robby pack a bit. He doesn't really love packing which is odd for someone who loves to travel. I pulled out some school work for the trip (just a tiny bit) and then it was bedtime for my tired little crew.
  • Reagan is not really 100% and is still coughing but I do think that she is improving. I am making her drink some decongestant along with the breather. Hopefully, she will be even better tomorrow.

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