August 13, 2017

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  •  Sunday morning and Campbell was the first one awake. Graham is definitely better and Reagan is still coughing but I do think that she is also feeling better. Now Campbell, I am just not so sure about. She is coughing and seems a bit sluggish which reminds me that I need to call the doctor tomorrow for her.
  • Today was promotion day at church and a new service for us as well. We found all of the grands and then picked out our seats. Then it was a new Sunday school class for everyone-Robby and I have chosen a class with a bit older set of people (except for Laryn!) (at least 2 couples were our SS teachers when we were in youth and 1 was my piano teacher for 10 years). Reagan and Anderson are in a class together and after being a bit apprehensive about it, I think that I (and they) are going to love it. Graham's class was 3rd and 4th grade combined and was pretty large. Campbell again has wonderful teachers. Keaton's teachers are also great. Whitman has a small class but that child could benefit from some individual attention. All in all it was a pretty great Sunday.
  • After church, we headed to Nonna's house to celebrate her birthday. Pops had taken care of lunch-pizza, cookies and ice cream. It was all very good and the kids were excited for Nonna to open up her presents. Jason bought her coffee and we bought her some foodie gifts from the Amish store in Branson.
  • We worked on some of our Hawaii plans and then it was time to head home for my Sunday afternoon nap. I did wake up after a bit and head downstairs to pull out Keaton's school. Pulling our school for kindergarten just takes me forever, or so it seems. At least I just have to do it once a month!...but will be doing it for the next two years since Whitman will be a kindergartner all too soon.
  • Then it was packing time. We are down to one and a half columns of stuff to pack. Tonight the kids packed 2 more changes of clothes and their extra undies and socks. After this, I do have another Walmart list for tomorrow (only 3 items). What is left to pack you ask? Well, 2 more changes of clothes, swimsuits, flip flop, supper clothes, clothes for the plane and that is pretty much it for the kids. I still have all my clothes to pack. Meanwhile, Robby, who never packs anything early, has been packed for nearly a week which is stressing me out.
  • Robby made supper and afterwards, we did some more packing followed by another round of packing plane snacks for the ride home. Then we watched a Tree House Masters show before everyone headed to bed. 

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