August 15, 2017-Hawaii Adventure!

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This morning started fairly early-I think that Robby and I were a bit excited. Whitman didn’t join us until about 7:15 this morning. I guess he was sleeping in! Anderson and Graham were up soon and started playing on their ipads.

Robby took Whitman to school this morning. He so enjoys going to school and we so enjoy him going to school too. It does make the house a bit quieter during the school day which is much needed. After Robby left with Whitman, we started on school. Most everyone had finished yesterday but we still had a few things to accomplish this morning.

By 9, everyone was done with school and we started working together. Then, it was time for chores. We went through the house room by room straightening the entire place. When we finished, the kids started playing their ipads and I started doing a few last minute things.

There was not a whole lot for me to so when I finished, I asked the kids if they wanted to play a game of Ticket to Ride. Robby and I have played it a few times with the Wilsons but we have never taught the kids to how to play. It is a bit of a confusing game but once you get the hang of it, it is fairly easy.

Graham isn’t too good with things if he doesn’t understand what he is doing so he was crazy frustrated at first. He did finally start to understand the game and did well. When Campbell understood the game well enough to understand that she was going to loose points, the waterworks started to flow. Overall, it was a pretty successful first playing of Ticket to Ride for the kids and it did use about an hour and a half of our day.

I was fine with playing such a long game because I had done just about everything that I could do to get ready for the trip. If we hadn’t played the game too, the kids would have just become more and more excited about the trip and I needed to distract them for a bit. Right before we started playing the game, I did have to completely change suitcases which took a bit of time but at least now I know where everything is in my suitcase since it is all fresh in my mind.

We had lunch and I tried to clean out the pantry and finish cleaning out the fridge. Robby had already worked some on the fridge by making eggs and biscuits for breakfast this morning. We didn’t really clean much out for lunch. However, it wasn’t too much longer that we were running through the house doing last minute things and then we were loading up to head to Nonna’s house.

Grannymom had picked up Whitman from school and he had spent the afternoon at their house. At 2:45, we all met up at Nonna’s house. Whitman joined us and everyone said bye to Grannymom and Grandpa while Robby loaded Nonna, Pops, and Jason’s luggage in the back of the van.

We pulled out about 15 minutes ahead of our schedule and were soon on our way to Dallas. We only made it to Arkadelphia before Whitman decided that he needed to stop and potty. We pulled over and everyone jumped out. Then we flew on to Texarkana to the rest stop for another break.

The kids enjoyed running around at this rest stop and Graham remembered where they had raced before. Soon the kids were racing up and down the sidewalks. We drove a bit further in Texas and ended up stopping for supper in Mt. Pleasant at Blaylock’s BBQ.

It was a good little BBQ joint even though we were the only folks there. Robby bought a huge family pack and we managed to eat all of it. They had some delicious pinto beans which made us decide to make a bit pot of beans this fall. Doesn’t that sound good?
From supper, we were soon near Dallas. Reagan called for the next bathroom stop and we ran into a Chick Fil A then. The drive to our hotel wasn’t too bad. The kids were excited and they were sitting 3 to a row so were a bit closer to each other which all made for a nosier van than usual.

Once we made it to the hotel, Robby and Pops checked in, and then we headed to our rooms. Anderson, Graham and Campbell all ended up sleeping in Pops’ room. I feel like they will go to sleep pretty soon but I know that those 3 will be up early waiting to go to breakfast!

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