August 11, 2017

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  • It was about midnight last night when we heard someone going to the bathroom upstairs and then we heard some odd sounds. I headed up to find Graham on his bed and he was upset. Poor things ears were hurting. I brought him down and gave him tylenol and ear drops, and thankfully he was able to go back to sleep for the rest of the night.
  • So my first mission this morning at 8 was to call and make a doctor's appointment for him. The house was quiet this morning and Campbell was the only one up for a good while. As people started waking up, we started on our school work for the day.
  • At 9, I did go up and turn the fan off in Keaton's room and open the blinds. I did need her to wake up in time to work with me this morning before I took Graham to the doc. I was able to finish with her before Graham, Whitman and I flew out of the house.
  • I took Graham's picture at the doctor's office-he stood beside the picture of himself when he was a little boy. Whitman knew that was Graham's picture and he asked to take one beside the picture of him. There is no picture of Whitman but he was convinced that the picture he stood in front of was himself.
  • Graham did have one ear infected and we were able to walk to the pharmacy and pick up his medicine before the bottom fell out. I drove to the Dollar Store and flew in to pick up one thing. I left Graham and Whitman in the car and when I came back, it took Graham a good 2 minutes to figure out how to unlock the door for me. It was a monsoon outside and I was completely drenched!
  • Next up was picking up a few frosties and then on to Grandpa's to drop off a power washer. Then we fought the rain and drove home. And I do mean fought the rain-it was a crazy mess out there.
  • We made lunch for everyone and then my boys finished up school while the rest of us did some straightening. Then we started what everyone had been waiting to do all day long-pack their bag of snacks for the plane. I lined up everything I had on the bar and told them that they could get one from each box and then could go around and do it again. The rule was that there bag had to zip. Oh, they worked and worked at filling those bags up.
  • Now, would you believe that when I went to put up all of the food, I realized that two boxes of goodies that Robby had bought I left in the pantry. Argh! That is fine since we will probably let them pack a bag of goodies for the trip home (though surely there is no way for them to eat everything they packed.)
  • We ran to Barnes and Noble and the kids picked up their free book for completing the summer reading program. My Graham didn't see one for himself so he found one for Whitman. He was so excited to give the book to Whitman once we made it home. Graham read the book to Whitman and soon after that Graham went back upstairs and crawled into bed for a pretty long nap.
  • On our way home from the bookstore, we dropped off Anderson for a night at Grannymom and Grandpa's house. I am sure that he had a big time. The rest of us had a lazy rest of the afternoon and then we headed out to eat Mexican with the Wilsons.
  • Last weekend's Mexican was better than this weeks Mexican. Afterwards, we drove around trying to convince Tony to buy an expensive car for Shannon. Back at the house, we all dug into some oreo delight that we had stashed away in the freezer.
  • As we were about to put everyone in bed tonight, I delightfully thought that we would be able to sleep in tomorrow morning. About that time is when Reagan said that she maybe wanted some ear drops too tonight since her ear hurt some last night. No sleeping in for me tomorrow-I will need to get Reagan to the doctor at the crack of dawn to beat the rush!

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