August 7, 2017-Summer Branson Trip

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Before we went to bed last night when people were coughing Robby joked that we should have gotten two hotel rooms. By about 3, I would have paid double or even triple what we paid for this room to have two rooms. (This one was free, but even if it wasn’t.) Reagan coughed and coughed and coughed. Basically she coughed from about 2-4. I gave her medicine, gave her the breather, gave her water and even thought about setting her up a pallet in the hallway.

Thankfully, she stopped coughing at some point and we were able to get back to sleep. Everyone slept until 7-Graham and Whitman tied for waking up first. Might should start giving Graham benedryl so he will sleep a bit later. Whitman was just interested in when breakfast was and if I had his cup.

The kids played on their ipads until 8 and then we started getting ready for the day. I do believe that breakfast at a hotel will always be a big deal to my people. The seating area was pretty large and that was good since it was a bit crowded. Everyone found a few things that they liked-Keaton and Whitman tried (but weren't too crazy about) chocolate waffles.

Our first stop this morning was the Tanger Outlet. We walked around and found shorts for the boys, a swim bag at Disney and Robby bought some pants and shirts at Haggar. He rarely buys clothes but he can usually find something there so he racked up.

The kids enjoyed climbing on the little kiddie rides on the sidewalk of the mall. Of course, there was no way that I was putting money in that ride. I did tell them to try to come back to Branson with Pops and he would for sure stuff quarters in those rides for them. I walked through the kitchen store and Robby walked through the tool store and by that time, our people were tired of shopping.

We headed to Andy's next for a little treat. This is our must do stop in Branson and it was especially a must do today since today is National Custard Day (or so they said.) We had a coupon and Robby found another deal so everyone had their own custard (well, Robby and I did share.)

While we were eating, we saw a plane carrying a banner advertising a coupon for Tanger, the mall we were just at. Robby text the number and they shot back a $10 gift card to him. So we ran back by the mall and I went in to collect the gift card. I learned that I could also get a free coupon book with my AAA card. All of that would have been good to know earlier when we were shopping!

I ran in one store with Reagan to spend the $10 gift card and Robby then ran into Haggar to see if he could use the huge coupon that we received. They were very kind and he ended up getting 25 bucks back. That was great and pretty much paid for that custard that we had just eaten.

Next up was what we had all been waiting for-The Dixie Stampede! We arrived early and walked by all of the horses and then on to the pre-show. The pre-show had banjo, guitar and cello playing brothers. They sang a few songs and asked everyone to sing along if they knew the songs and as I was belting out the songs, Graham kept asking me, "how do you know these songs?"

After a bit, the dinner bell rang and we were soon walking into the show area. It is definitely something to see and the show was great. Horses, fire, buffalo, bison, chickens, pigs, lumberjacks and flags. And the food-gracious, we won't need to eat for the rest of the week.

Well, some of us. Whitman ate his biscuit and Keaton's biscuit but whenever the would sit something in front of him, he would look at it and just shudder. He was not pleased with the food at all. First we were given a bowl of cream vegetable soup. Keaton could not get over that you just drank the soup and looked at me like I was crazy when I dug in.

Everyone liked the soup except for Anderson and Campbell; I have already looked up the recipe. Then we were given a cheesy biscuit followed by a huge rotisserie chicken. They could have dropped off 3 for our family instead of the 8 (No mom, I didn't bring home any leftovers though if I had, we could have eaten chicken for the rest of the week. But I don't want to see chicken again for a week or two.) Reagan dug into her chicken and I pulled chicken pieces off for Keaton, Whitman and Anderson.

Before I had finished tearing off a few pieces of chicken for me, they were delivering pork tenderloin. Robby and Campbell really enjoyed their pieces but mine was a bit chewy. Then they were dropping off some type of potato thing. The show was going on during all of this and the kids were transfixed. Whitman would stand in his chair and clap and even Reagan was cheering on the South side.

Dessert was an apple turnover which Graham was the only one of the kids who ate all of it. Everyone else did just pick at the bready part. When it was over, we all had a good time but were stuffed. I didn't eat a ton but was full right after I had my soup and biscuit!

Soon we were back on the road again. Reagan said that this wasn't even long enough to call it a trip. It was a great getaway though. After our huge meal, I think that it was pretty good that we only had to stop 2 times on the way home to use the restrooms!

Once at home, the kids helped empty the car, changed their clothes, put away their bags and then it was bedtime. But before bed, it was medicine time-we doped Reagan up well but also gave the breather to Keaton and Anderson-my mission to get rid of all coughs in the next week!

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