August 12, 2017

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  • I didn't even have to wake up with my alarm this morning, I had Whitman climbing into bed with me at 6:45. I held him tightly so he would go back to sleep and thankfully he did. I had about 30 more minutes to snooze until I tiptoed upstairs to wake up Reagan.
  • She didn't protest too much having to get up and leave. Later today, she told me that she thought it was a school day and I was taking her to the doctor early so she could do school. We didn't have to worry about school today but we did have to hurry to the doctor since Saturday visits are first come, first served. 
  • Reagan is indeed sick-bronchitis and one infected ear. They prescribed her meds so I offered up a Frosty for her. I guess that I had forgotten that it was still 8:30 in the morning! Now many places open and far fewer were open serving ice cream. The kids had to take a rain check on their Frosties-Robby was able to pick them up for them later in the day.
  • The doctor had said which medicine she was giving Reagan and it matched what Graham was taking. She had also mentioned the dose so I gave Reagan some of Graham's meds. He thought this was awesome until I explained that he would get some of her medicine in return. It took both of them quite a while to swallow their medicine and there was even some gagging going on. 
  • We were home long enough for me to pull out Campbell's school for next month and make brownies for tonight. Robby was busy mowing and as soon as I jumped out of the shower, it was time to leave again.
  • I took the girls with me for this outing. Reagan needed shorts for the trip and I had no clue that everyone and their mother went shopping on the Saturday before school started. It was crazy out but we were able to find two pairs of shorts and then picked up lunch before meeting Robby and the boys at Grannymom's house.
  • We ate there and then Robby and I ran to Walmart and Sams. He went into Sams to pick up Reagan's medicine and a shirt for him and I went into Walmart to make a return and buy sunscreen.
  • Then we headed back to Grannymom's house and I grabbed Campbell and we headed to the other side of the city. Today was Abigail's birthday party and it was a doll tea party. Traci had everything so cute-hats for the dolls, food and dishes for them. The girls made bracelets for themselves and their dolls. Then they made little blankets for their dolls-it was adorable. 
  • After the party, we left for home. I am not sure what the others had been doing this afternoon-Robby had been mowing and as soon as I came into the house, I started having people picking up and putting on their bathing suits.
  • We crashed a Sunday school party of a class that we were associates of. They said that there were about 25 families there and I swear there were at least 50+ people in the pool. My people had a blast and swam until it was time for us to leave.
  • Once at home, it was shower and bedtime. No one complained about getting into bed a bit earlier than usual-they were tired tonight!

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