September 11, 2020

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  • We woke up super early so we could go box sledding this morning with the Heltz and a few other folks. Most everyone was awake before I had to wake them up. I think that Reagan was even stirring a bit as I went up to wake her up. 
  • Even though we were there at 9, it was still pretty warm outside. The box sledding was fun-the kids went up and down the hills quite a few times. I did my own share of box sledding-but walking back up the hill was a bit more challenging for me than for the kids.
  • As we were leaving downtown, I saw the neat mural that we took our picture by. I had to circle two blocks to get to the parking lot so we could take our picture. Graham was worried about me not paying to park while Reagan was resigned to taking the picture-and doing so quickly.
  • I guess she knew that I was getting my picture, plus I guess she had her mind on her school work because as soon as she came home, she started working. She did talk today about the idea of homework being pointless. 
  • I switched Whitman's clothes over to winter clothes-well, I really just took out a few small ones and put some larger ones in his drawers. It didn't take too long, but I was glad to finished this task with at least one kids. I so dread the clothes switch over.
  • Whitman ended up going to Grannymom's house tonight to spend the night. He was happy to get to go. He always acts like he doesn't want to leave the house, but I know that he enjoys doing some things.
  • Then we went to pick up Sophia and drop off Campbell. Campbell helped the Craft girls get ready for Sophia's surprise party while Keaton and Sophia played the day away.
  • Keaton was so excited-we all were-to help distracting the birthday girl. Sophia was super excited to see all of the cars at her house. She wondered what was going on and burst through the door to shouts of surprise by a room full of her friends. It was so fun!
  • Reagan had her first soccer practice tonight. Last year there were 2 teams, but this year there is only one group of girls. She must have worked super hard because she came home super sweaty-which is a good thing! She doesn't get a whole lot of activity.
  • Speaking of activity-Robby and I had a bit of activity tonight. We spent about 2 and a half hours before bed cleaning the carpet with a machine that he rented from the store. I think that it has definitely helped, but gracious it does show you how filthy our carpets really are.

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