September 26, 2020-Day 1 of Camping on the Beach!

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  • First things first-laundry. I folded two loads this morning and washed and put away two more fairly early this morning. I felt like I had most things ready so while Robby was running a few errands this morning, I just sat around talking to Campbell and Graham.
  • Reagan was ready and left the house with Sara and Candice around eleven. Nonna came by about the same time with goodies for tomorrow. 
  • Robby and I then loaded up the car. The bike rack was already on so that with the tow dolly and car, we have quite a load. We did a few practice turns with everything on down the street and all seemed well.
  • I went to move one car in the garage when Robby mentioned that he had a free mini bundt cake for his birthday that he could pick up. At that point, we had about two hours before we needed to leave, so we thought why not. I knocked on the window and told Campbell we would be back in 15 minutes.
  • Now, of course it took longer than 15 minutes and of course this stop made us run around like crazy people until it was time to leave. When I busted back through the door of the house, Robby was still working outside-he decided to clean the windows (also something that put him further behind.) Ha!
  • I told the kids to make their beds, put away their laundry and put on their clothes. I am not sure if Whitman is just clueless or if we don't take the time to tell him exactly what is happening-he wanted to know where we were going today. Bless him! 
  • Whitman also wanted to know if we had to wear real clothes-indeed we did. That is why we tried on our "real clothes" earlier this week and they were all laying out in the floor of my room! By the time I made it in the shower, I had 30 minutes before we needed to leave. I was drying my hair when Robby finally made it to the shower with 10 minutes until our anticipated departure time. Then he had to shave! 
  • We made it though-there was lots of scurrying around the last few minutes. Even some throwing things into the camper. Robby left the house with his backpack on his back while holding the ice maker. 
  • You would think that with all of our scurrying around we would have forgotten somethings-well, we did! During the ceremony, Robby leaned over to me to tell me that he forgot his shoes. Obviously, he had shoes on his feet, but they were dress shoes. Thankfully, he does have a pair of crocs in the camper so he will be able to survive. He was just saying the other day that he needed a new pair of shoes-wonder if he planned on doing this so he would get some?
  • We dropped off the camper at church, and then headed to Sara's quinceanera. It was at the most beautiful venue in Mountain Pine. It was a bit of a drive from home, but gracious they couldn't have asked for a more beautiful place. The weather was perfect so that was wonderful as well.
  • Reagan was not excited about dancing nor wearing a dress, but I know that she had so much fun at this 15th birthday party. Reagan and some of her other friends were just like bridesmaids. They walked in before Sara, sat up front and even danced during the reception.
  • The reception was loads of fun-tons of huge coke bottles, Mexican bbq with rice, veggies and homemade tortillas. There was a pinata with tons of candy-though Campbell did get trampled on during it. For desserts, there were red velvet cupcakes, vanilla and chocolate cakes, a sweet bread and churros. 
  • The night ended with dancing-the kids had so much fun dancing. Even Reagan and Anderson found their way to the dance floor. Their parents did not! Whitman stood in the middle of the dance floor for the longest time, but after he felt comfortable he danced until he worked up a sweat. He even unbuttoned the top button of his shirt. 
  • We had expected to stay until 9, but before 8 we were able to leave to head back to church. As we arrived a church, we started changing clothes and throwing some clothes into my car since no one would need dress clothes this week. Though Graham did tease me asking if I would not want to take his picture on the beach. 
  • Pops showed up to pick up the car so everyone was able to give them a hug before we pulled out. We then hit the road towards the South. The Heltz went a different way but we eventually made it about 7 minutes behind them. Though Candice drives a bit faster than Robby, so she pulled ahead.
  • We stopped for gas in Lake Village. It was easy and our first gas stop pulling the van. Robby breathed a sign of relief when we left since that was a success.
  • It wasn't too much further until we arrived at Harlow's Casino in Mississippi. Robby dropped me off at the front door, and I went in and won some cash...not, really. We really just pulled into the truck lot which was full of potholes and parked beside the Heltz who had just arrived about 15 minutes before us.
  • The day was a perfect success. Everyone had a great time, and Robby and I will be in bed by 1-couldn't ask for much better...except maybe some ice cream. We did cram some Blue Bell in the freezer, but if we were to get it out we would probably never be able to figure out how to put it back in. So some water will have to do before bed tonight.

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