September 12, 2020-Happy 15th Birthday Reagan!

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  • We woke up our birthday girl this morning by vacuuming her room and then running the carpet cleaner up and down it. We sure know how to celebrate around here. Now, Campbell had already instructed me to blow up some balloons for her to have along with the birthday banner and birthday chalkboard hanging in the kitchen.
  • Robby and I debated not doing any more rooms with the carpet machine this morning because we were super sore when we went to bed last night. Pushing that heavy machine around was a bit tiresome. We did the hallway, school room and our bedroom first, before we moved upstairs.
  • Then what a better way to celebrate your birthday than getting a flu shot too? Ha! It just kept getting better for Reagan. It was kind of nice being able to get all 8 of our flu shots all at once. We did get them a bit earlier than we usually do, but that is one more thing that I can now mark off of the list.
  • We then went to Tacos For Life-Reagan's choice-for lunch. We rarely eat out anywhere these days, and we sure haven't been to Tacos for Life in ages. It was all pretty good-actually it was all excellent. I do enjoy their food.
  • Back at the house, Robby and I hooked up the car and practiced driving it around behind the camper. We drove to our church and did perfectly fine. Though every bump and rock that hits anything, make us nervous-we will just have to get used to everything!
  • Then we ran to Walmart to take the carpet cleaner back. Of course we found a few things at the Walmart. I could have browsed a bit more, but Nonna and Pops were on their way over to drop of Reagan's birthday present.
  • I made the kids quesadillas for supper. Then it wasn't too long before the Wilson's came over for some birthday ice cream for Reagan. I will say that I think she had a pretty decent 15th birthday!

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