September 15, 2020

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  • All of the boys were awake this morning as I went through the house opening up the blinds. I am not sure if they set an alarm or not, but it is odd that they are all awake right at 7. It's just a little bit fishy!
  • We had about 10 minutes before starting school this morning when Campbell asked to make muffins. I let her so our school ended up starting about 10 minutes late, plus there were the constant interruptions of the oven timer going off and having to be set for longer. 
  • My children just like the muffins from the bag, because later in the day, Whitman and I made blueberry muffins from scratch. Graham was the only one who had one-no one else cared at all about them. 
  • I am not sure why Campbell and Keaton did not want to help our muffin making. Graham did help us some, but Whitman stuck with me the whole time. I thanked him for making them, and he said that he usually doesn't get to help in the kitchen because there are too many. I am not sure what "many" he was talking about, but I will have to assume he means that there are too "many sisters already in the kitchen."
  • Reagan had her classes today. She was in her study hall all by herself. There is only one other girl in there usually with her, but today she was out sick! I was about 10 minutes late to pick her up, but she was happy chatting so she didn't mind. 
  • Keaton and I spent a lot of time working on her clothes. We went through 6 boxes of clothes that were her size or almost her size. We narrowed those down quite a bit so hopefully, the 6 boxes will just become 3 in my closet once we are finished with her clothes switch over.
  • Let's see, what else happened today-yes, our internet has been out since sometime yesterday. That has caused a few difficulties doing school. Robby did buy us an extra computer this year to use for school, but today even that one was out of commission because of the silly internet. Hopefully, they will be able to fix it.
  • However, I do kind of like the no internet-we all watched a movie upstairs tonight after supper. I will say that the no internet is making some of the kids crazy. Graham has asked about 100 more questions today than usual. Campbell has come up with all kind of ways to tell me that she is bored!
  • Now, no one is dying-Robby has a hot spot on his phone, plus we had another one that I am using right now so everything is able to get done...except probably Robby's work and the zoom Bible studies happening tomorrow. Oh, well it could be so much worse.
  • Robby and I added a blind to the camper door-it was a bit more complicated than we thought, but it will really be good. I'm excited about it. I am actually a bit excited about our trip coming up-but lots to do until then.

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